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An ultra-popular destination in recent years, Paros has become a top-of-the-range alternative to its twin sister Mykonos when it comes to luxury home rentals in Greece.

At the heart of the Cyclades archipelago in the middle of the Aegean Sea, the island of Paros is one of the favorite destinations of the Greeks themselves. In summer, the island is so busy that it's a good idea to take advice on where to book a beautiful vacation villa, without the inconvenience of an island that's become very popular, while being close to everything in just a few minutes by car, or even a few minutes on foot!

Best villas for rent IN Paros


The island’s topography allows most villas to enjoy breathtaking sunsets. It’s remarkable in this charming archipelago to have a systematic sunset over the water, with a string of islands and ilets coming to life in the evening reflections. For us, Paros is one of the “sunset” destinations, where hot summer days end by the pool. If you accept the long view, you’ll be able to admire the neighboring islands of Mykonos, Andros, Antiparos, Santorini, Naxos, Folegandros, Kea and Sifnos from 360° away.

Let’s take a look at a destination that’s sure to please… 🙂

Which part of Paros, for which type of vacation?

The bay of Kolymbithres, which backs onto the village of Naoussa, with its narrow streets, chic boutiques and folkloric stores, its good restaurants and welcoming terraces. The port of Parikia, the entry point to the island, is also the lively heart of the destination (which has been pleasantly upgraded in recent years). Discreet Aliki at the southernmost tip of the island, with its unprecedented calm and prestigious villas. Drios for water sports, Santa Maria, Ambelas and Isterni to the northeast for coves and the option of Naoussa, without its drawbacks.

A luxury villa in Paros : the traditional option

Typical Cycladic architecture reigns supreme on the island of Paros, and the tones remain blue, white and green, as throughout the archipelago. In many of the properties in our catalog, you’ll find showers with half-height, rounded and polished walls, small openings to let in the intense light without suffering from the heat, terraces protected from the Meltem, the sometimes very powerful wind of the archipelago, and from the sun by canisses and pergolas adorned with bougainvillea. The villas on Paros are simply chic and simple, and for those lucky enough to be located on the outskirts of the villages in the south-west of the island, the unprecedented peace of the wild seaside is a guarantee of a quality vacation. It’s also possible to book a magnificent villa, in the preserved style of the most beautiful Cycladic houses.

An extraordinary villa in Paros : Architect-designed houses

Since the 2010s, this island chosen by esthetes has seen the emergence of luxury private villas. The often minimalist architecture of these luxury homes in no way detracts from the comfort of the premises, so well accessorized in their living rooms with bookcases and deep sofas, on the terraces and outdoor spaces totally surrounded by multicolored, cosy cushions, or in their fully-equipped kitchens, worthy of renowned professional establishments.

It goes without saying that all our Paros properties are villas with swimming pools, and some even boast infinity pools, superbly integrated into the vegetation.

Click here to discover our selection of architect-designed villas for rent in Paros.

What to see in Paros ?

You won’t be disappointed when you visit the island, with its many impressive sites. The village of Naoussa, for example, once inhabited by pirates, now boasts a number of attractions punctuated by a festive atmosphere. Its port is undoubtedly one of its main attractions, with restaurants, bars and taverns all around. The enchanting lights of the Venetian castle, together with those of the marina, offer an exceptional tableau to contemplate, especially in the evening. In summer, Paros is the place to be for a variety of festivities worthy of those held in Saint-Tropez, as well as for popular water sports activities.

You can reach Paros by air, its airport being less than an hour from Athens.

During your stay in Paros, you’ll be fascinated by Parikia, the capital of this paradise island. Here you’ll find everything you need for an unforgettable vacation. Stores and boutiques for your shopping, archaeological sites and museums to discover the island’s history and culture… Parikia also has nightclubs and clubs to party the night away! And, of course, there are beautiful beaches close by, where you can relax and unwind all day long. For your stay in Paros, you’ll find luxurious villas specially designed for your comfort and well-being in our selection of properties for rent in Paros.

What are the best beaches in Paros?

If you are looking for beautiful beaches, Paros has something for everyone. From the quietest to the liveliest and the most touristy, you’re sure to find the little corner of paradise that suits you best. At Kolymbithres, you can enjoy fine sandy beaches and turquoise waters. You’ll also have the opportunity to go scuba diving, or just admire the sublime panorama under the sun.

On the Parikia side, we particularly recommend Parasporos beach for families.

Golden Beach is the ideal spot for water sports activities such as surfing and windsurfing. It’s one of the region’s largest and most beautiful beaches. Windsurfing championships are held here periodically to the delight of young and old alike.

The seaside village of Aliki is another not-to-be-missed spot for relaxation! You will be amazed by its exceptional beaches, rich historical heritage and cultural events. In any case, for a holiday rich in emotions, book your villa in Greece on the island of Paros now. At the end of a long day on the beach or discovering the island’s hidden treasures, you will be able to cocoon in your top-of-the-range villa with exclusive charm! As an added bonus, you’ll be able to count on the services of our professional, top-quality staff to make your stay an exceptional one.

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