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Luxury villa rental » Greece » Cycladic Islands

The diversity of the Cycladic islands offers a variety of experiences for all types of travelers, and the choice of island will depend on what you're looking for during your stay. The diversity of the Cycladic islands offers a variety of experiences for all types of travelers, and the choice of island will depend on what you're looking for during your stay. Here are a few suggestions of islands on which to base your suitcases for an extended stay in a luxury villa rental, and which islands to explore on day or overnight excursions.

Best villas for rent IN Cycladic Islands


A short history of Greek hospitality in the Cyclades

Greek hospitality, or “philoxenia”, is a timeless component of Hellenic history and culture. Since ancient times, generously welcoming strangers has been considered a divine duty, a practice honored and protected by the gods. This age-old tradition persists today, transmuted into a warm, genuine welcome that is the hallmark of Greece.

The uniqueness of the Cyclades lies in the perfect balance between the luxury of available rentals and the touching simplicity of local kindness. The beach, breathtaking panoramas, picturesque villages and archaeological sites enrich the experience, while the availability of the locals adds a rare note of authenticity. This is the essence of Greece, where every detail, every smile, every encounter enriches the very definition of “vacation” and forges memories that last well beyond the stay.

Where to turn: which island to choose for a villa, which to visit for a day or perhaps a night?

For a Villa Stay: Paros, Kea, Mykonos, Tinos or Sifnos

  • Santorini : Choose a villa in Santorini for an unforgettable experience with caldera views and mythical sunsets. It’s the perfect island for a romantic break or for those looking to immerse themselves in a spectacular natural setting while enjoying comfort and luxury.
  • Mykonos : If you are looking to combine daytime relaxation with night-time entertainment, a villa in Mykonos is ideal. With its sandy beaches, festive evenings and luxury boutiques, Mykonos is synonymous with relaxed luxury and exuberant nightlife.
  • Paros : Visit Paros for a day or stay overnight to enjoy its charming villages such as Naoussa or Parikia. Paros is also renowned for its water sports and beautiful beaches, making it an excellent destination for families or groups of friends.

For a short day trip or a week’s rental.

  • Naxos : The largest island in the Cyclades, Naxos is ideal for a day trip to its beaches and historic sites, or for an overnight stay to enjoy its more relaxed atmosphere. It offers magnificent panoramas and authentic culinary experiences.
  • Tinos : Less well known, Tinos is a destination worth visiting for its traditional villages, hiking trails and culinary art. Spending a night in Tinos allows you to explore the local culture in greater depth and enjoy its quieter beaches.

Each island in this archipelago has its own personality and hidden treasures, so whatever you choose, you’re sure to have an exceptional time. If you’d like to further personalize your trip, contact us to fine-tune a customized itinerary that would include short-term vacation rentals on several islands to fully enjoy the diversity of the Cyclades.

Our recommendations for luxury villa rentals on these islands.

The 24 main inhabited islands are a treasure trove of tourist attractions. You will be especially fascinated by the immaculate whiteness of the archipelago’s typical villages. Even the uninhabited island of Delos is packed with archaeological treasures not to be missed. So pack your bags for an unforgettable family holiday.

On any of the Cycladic islands, the green of the valleys and the picturesque character of the villages are an instant attraction. If you are looking for excitement, head for Naoussa; you are in for a treat!

One of the most beautiful islands, Naxos, will seduce you with its fabulous panoramas, between the plain of Tragéa and Mount Zas. You’ll be amazed by the immense valleys populated by olive trees and the unique style of the Byzantine churches.

The island of Kea, closest to the mainland, has preserved its authenticity. Far from mass tourism, the village of Karhea is a site of virtually untouched landscapes and treasures. And of course, the beaches and coves are splendid.

Set course for Mykonos, where you can bask on beaches of rare beauty. Once you’ve made the most of the beaches and your luxury villa, it’s time to join in the island’s legendary nightlife! If you are planning a vacation in the Cyclades that’s all about partying, Mykonos will not disappoint. The jet set is very much in evidence, especially at Psarou beach, renowned for its golden sands and divine waters.

Unlike Mykonos, Andros is perfect for a relaxing vacation. It is characterized by its red-tiled houses and, above all, its incredible wild beaches.

For beach activities galore, join Mikri Vigla on the island of Naxos, famous for its kitesurfing spot. Speedboat excursions are memorable.

If you are looking for even more idleness, Kolymbithrès, on Paros, offers a magnificent beach lined with singular pink and grey granite rocks. The wild beach of Livada, on Tinos, will amaze you with its multicolored pebbles and countless rocks.

Let’s return to the island of Paros: Paros is your guarantee of a successful Cyclades vacation. Very popular with the French clientele, Paros captivates with its magnificent beaches and lively ports. Nearby Antiparos, with its unique village, port, restaurants and beaches, also attracts many tourists.

For a gourmet vacation, head to Syros, home to the beautiful neoclassical town of Ermoúpolis, and sample its loukoums and chalvadopittés! Sifnos is also appreciated for its culinary art.

Let’s finish our tour of the Cyclades with the island of Santorini and its beautiful luxury villas with swimming pools. The island’s fantastic scenery is sure to surprise you: steep cliffs, a volcano engulfed by the sea, hilltop villages and exceptional beaches such as Flichada.

The village of Fira is home to a number of interesting museums, and there are many beautiful walks to take you to the village of Oia. Take advantage of your stay to visit the vineyards of Pirgos and the surrounding estates, you won’t regret it.

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