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Kea, dream vacations Greek style: Are you looking for peace and quiet? Discover extraordinary sites and treat yourself to the best villas in Kea for your stay. It's sure to be your destination of the year! Although it's the closest Cycladic islands to Athens, it doesn't experience the same crowds as the other islands in the archipelago. It's mainly wealthy Athenians who spend their weekends here or a short "wellness" break. And yet, beneath its peaceful exterior, it conceals incomparable tourist attractions. During your stay, you won't have to put up with crowds of visitors from France and all over Europe. Make way for nature and explore Kea's magical landscapes, divine beaches and ancient treasures. Say yes to Kea!

Best villas for rent IN Kea


Kea has an authenticity that will seduce you from the first glance. Once disembarked from the ferry you take from the port of Lavrio, you are caught by the beauty of the place. You will immediately feel a feeling of lightness, thanks to a respectfully preserved nature. Green predominates, especially in the north of the island; take advantage of it to enjoy yourself. The hilly landscapes are wooded, the greenery explodes in the eyes. If you are a hiking enthusiast, you will be in the right place. Many paths criss-cross pleasant olive forests. Some cross forests of lemon trees letting their aromas escape. Still others pass through forests of almond trees, and during flowering, you will inevitably be dazzled.

Visit Loulis, the capital. Among the Cyclades islands, it is certainly one of the most attractive sites. Then, go towards the traditional villages that knew how to safeguard their originality, their culture and a way of living well with them. Strolling through the alleys of Ioulida, Otzias or Agia Ourini will introduce you to a world full of authenticity. Then visit Vourkari, a modest fishing village where beautiful pleasure yachts like to anchor. And remember, our best villas for rent in Kea are located near the beaches in a paradise environment!

Taste a Greek life

Get tuned with the island, live like a local Greek. Don’t worry, nothing could be easier. The principle is to take your time to live; wouldn’t it be a serene vacation you are looking for? Eat while taking all your time, at the restaurant, you can stay at the table as long as you want! However, consider a snack around 11 a.m. as lunch will only be served between 2:30 and 5 p.m. And finally, dine in Greek style, in the tavernas, around 10 pm. The dishes are generous and prepared with only fresh products.

So that this dream holiday remains in your memory, pause near the famous and very old stone Lion, guardian of the place. 9 metres high and 3 metres wide, this emblem of the island has looked after its inhabitants for over 2,500 years. Relax in one of our Kea villas whose charm and style only Greece knows the secret, then immerse yourself in their sweet atmosphere.

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