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Welcome to Saint Barthelemy ...

What a pleasure it is to arrive in Saint Barthelemy on the little plane that flies over Gustavia before landing almost on the perfect sand of Saint Jean beach. Saint Barth, the French exception in the Caribbean. Its abundant tropical vegetation, dream beaches, great shopping, exceptional restaurants, friendly people and gentle pace of life make it an idyllic place to be. It's up to you to choose which of the 27 km2 of Gustavia, Gouverneur (in the scrubland), Saint Jean, or Anses de Grands and Petit Cul de Sac will best suit the holiday of your dreams. As a couples' destination par excellence, discover the delightful houses that you'll never want to leave.

Best villas for rent IN Saint Barthelemy


The incredible story of luxury villa rentals in Saint Barth

Luxury villa rental in the French West Indies, and particularly on Saint Barthélemy, has undergone a major evolution over the last four decades. Here’s an overview of this progression, decade by decade:

The 1980s: The beginnings of luxury

During this period, Saint-Barth began to forge a reputation as a preferred destination for the elite and celebrities. The island attracted visitors mainly from Europe and the United States, seduced by its pristine beaches and authentic Caribbean culture. The first luxury villas were built, offering breathtaking sea views and spacious bedrooms. Saint-Jean beach has become the epicentre of social life, with its chic restaurants and luxury boutiques.

The 1990s: The boom in luxury tourism

The 1990s saw a boom in the rental of top-of-the-range villas in Saint-Barth. The island became a must-see destination for wealthy travellers looking for privacy. Private property came to the fore, with villas tucked away in secluded corners offering every imaginable luxury: private pools, wellness rooms and top-of-the-range services. Increasingly, travellers were coming from Asia and the Middle East.

The 2000s: Innovation and sustainability

With the arrival of the new millennium, Saint-Barth saw an increase in services and innovations to satisfy a demanding clientele. From top-of-the-range concierge services to private chefs, everything was put in place to offer an unrivalled holiday experience. Sustainability also became a major issue. Many villas have adopted eco-friendly practices, reflecting the island’s commitment to protecting its unique environment.

The 2010s and beyond: A rebirth after the challenges

Hurricanes, particularly Irma in 2017, posed major challenges for Saint-Barth. However, the island bounced back with resilience, with a major overhaul of many villas and infrastructures. This decade has seen a renewed focus on ultra-high-end luxury, with villas that rival the best hotels in the world in terms of services and facilities. In addition, the island has continued to attract visitors from around the world, including new markets such as Russia and China.

When should you rent a luxury villa in Saint-Barthélemy?

The island of Saint-Barthélemy, affectionately known as Saint-Barth, is a popular destination for luxury lovers from all over the world. Nestled in the Caribbean, this island offers exceptional panoramas, pristine beaches and, of course, a collection of incomparable luxury villas. To make the most of what Saint Barth has to offer, it’s essential to know the seasons of this exclusive destination.

Winter: The fashionable season in Saint-Barth

From December to April, Saint-Barth is the meeting place for the international elite. The temperature is perfect, the skies are clear and the views from the villas are breathtaking. This is also the time when rental prices can reach their peak, due to high demand. The villas, with their spacious bedrooms, refreshing pools and panoramic ocean views, are very popular.

Spring: Tranquillity and relaxation on Saint-Jean

The months of May and June in Saint-Barth offer a peaceful atmosphere, particularly near the beach at Saint-Jean. With the tourist influx easing, it’s the perfect time to enjoy a week (or more) in a luxurious property, perhaps with a room overlooking the sea or a tropical garden. Prices for villa rentals are also cheaper, offering better value for money.

Summer: Culture and local festivities in the spotlight

Summer in Saint Barth is a celebration of local culture. Renting a villa during this period not only offers you all the luxuries associated with the island, but also the opportunity to take part in the many events and festivals that take place. Whether you’re located close to the beach or high up with commanding views, each property ensures a memorable experience.

Autumn: The island’s discreet beauty

September to November is the quietest period in Saint-Barth. It’s the ideal time for those seeking tranquillity and privacy. The beach, often less crowded, becomes your own haven of peace. The villas, whether nestled close to the beach at Saint-Jean or perched on a hill with panoramic views of the island, are oases of relaxation.

Each season in Saint-Barthélemy offers a unique experience.

Whether you’re looking to immerse yourself in the glamour of winter, the tranquillity of spring, the cultural richness of summer or the serenity of autumn, one thing is certain: a luxury villa rental in Saint-Barth promises an exceptional holiday.

Despite its modest size, St Barts brims with activities. Whether a newbie or a regular, there’s always something for every visitor, including families and couples. Sailing is a popular choice, with the island’s luxury villa scene often accompanied by exclusive sailing adventures. Embrace the breeze as you embark on various sailing adventures, from day cruises to sunset views.

Land and Sea Tours provide another layer of excitement. Spice up your trip with Seabob or Jet Ski tours from Grand Cul de Sac or explore scenic views via ATV. For those seeking a base for their adventures, villa rentals in St. Barth provide an excellent choice. The luxury villas offer both comfort and convenience, setting the stage for a perfect Caribbean adventure.

Nature and Beaches are yet another draw. Delight in the untouched beauty of St Barts’ beaches, with spots like Colombier and Saline being must-visits. Most luxury villas on the island offer easy access to these natural gems, making it convenient for travelers.

From the mesmerizing takeoffs at Gustav III Airport to the electric atmosphere on New Year’s Eve, St Barts ensures a basket of unique memories for every visitor. The island’s villas further enhance the experience, offering luxurious retreats after a day of exploration.

In the world of St Barts villa rentals, BELLAVISTA’s recommendations stand out. Enjoy the panoramic views from Fort Carl, savor the island’s signature vanilla rum, and experience the lively fish market in Gustavia. St Barts’ luxury villas promise not just a stay, but an experience.

St Barts is a lover’s paradise. With sunset cruises, secluded beaches, gourmet dining, and spa treatments, couples are in for an unforgettable escape. The luxury villas serve as the cherry on top, offering intimate settings for romantic getaways.

For families, St Barts is a treasure trove of experiences. Beach outings, wildlife spotting, playground fun, or stroller-friendly tours — there’s something for every member. And with a range of family-friendly villas available for rent, a comfortable stay is guaranteed.

Venturing to St Barts promises a medley of experiences, each as refreshing and memorable as the last. Whether a couple seeking romance, a family on holiday, or an individual exploring, the island, with its plethora of luxury villas, welcomes all with open arms.


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