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Costa Rica, the jewel of Central America, offers much more than its reputation as an ecological paradise. Between its two coasts - one caressed by the Pacific Ocean, the other cradled by the Caribbean Sea - lies an impressive array of terrains and ecosystems. Golden beaches stretch to dense rainforests, where the canopy is home to dazzling biodiversity. Further afield, mountains rise, crowned by active and dormant volcanoes, silent witnesses to the power of the Earth.

Each villa selected by Bellavista is anchored in this diverse environment, offering a window onto a specific part of this beauty. Some stand proudly on the edge of the ocean, others are hidden in the heart of the forest, while some dominate the valleys from the mountain heights. But all share one common denominator: they represent the very best in luxury accommodation in the country.

Some information about Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a small country in Central America bordered by the Caribbean Sea to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west. The capital is San José, the largest city which is situated in center of the country.

The country is one of the most stable country in Latin America and tourism has become the main prime industry. Costa Rica is often called the “Switzerland of Latin America.” This is one of the pioneers of eco-tourism even if the ultra- liberalization of the economy generates some paradoxes.

There is over 4.5 million inhabitants and the country hosts more than 2 million tourists. Costa Rica has nearly 1,300 kilometers of coastline and around 26% of the land area is in protected national parks and reserves. It is a home to a rich variety of plants and animals (more than 10 000 species of plants, over 5,000 species of butterflies, etc).

The beaches are different from one coast to the other, varied from white sandy beach to volcanic sand beach. The country hosts several of volcanic mountains and some of those are still active. Irazu Volcano is among the highest mountain in Costa Rica (3431m).

The Pacific coast is more open to tourism and there are beautiful houses owned by the rich Americans. Some beaches such as Tamarindo are popular for surfing.

Costa Rica has only two seasons (the dry season and the rainy season) and the temperatures do not go down below 20°C.

As Dominican Republic, the primary language spoken is Costa Rican Spanish and in general the locals are very open and welcoming.

The Europeans enjoy traveling to this charming country. There are about 600,000 people from Europe who come and visit Costa Rica every year.

How to choose your luxury villa in Costa Rica ?

Location :

Costa Rica offers incomparable geographical diversity. From the Pacific coast of Puntarenas and Playa Hermosa to the urban culture of San José, each region has its own unique charm. Choosing a rental in Guanacaste or Nosara could put you close to magnificent beaches, while a villa in Monteverde or Alajuela could immerse you in mountains and cloud forests. For an enriching cultural experience, proximity to historic towns such as Cartago will give you an insight into the country’s rich history, while Quepos and Santa Teresa offer a relaxed seaside atmosphere.

Accessibility :

Easy access is essential for a hassle-free holiday. Proximity to major airports, such as Juan Santamaria in Alajuela, is a major advantage. On the other hand, rentals in Tortuguero or Cahuita may require more specialised modes of transport such as boats or small planes, adding a touch of adventure to your stay.

Services :

Each region of Costa Rica has its own advantages when it comes to services. Places like Turrialba or Samara offer a more local experience with authentic Costa Rican markets and services. On the other hand, more touristy areas such as Playa Hermosa or Corcovado can offer more international services, ensuring optimum comfort.

Atmosphere :

The choice of location depends entirely on your personal preferences. A rental near Corcovado or Tortuguero guarantees immersion in Costa Rica’s incredible biodiversity. If you’re looking for a relaxed surfing atmosphere, Santa Teresa or Nosara are the ideal destinations.

Activities :

Finally, the variety of activities available is an essential criterion to consider. Turrialba is famous for rafting, Monteverde for its suspension bridges and canopy, and Quepos for the Manuel Antonio National Park, guaranteeing memorable experiences whatever the region chosen.

TOP 5 most unusual things to do in Costa Rica

So here are the top 5 most unusual experiences to enjoy in Costa Rica:

Night in the Canopy in Guanacaste:

Immerse yourself in the serenity of the rainforest by spending the night in a villa perched in the heart of the Guanacaste canopy. These rentals offer a unique panoramic view of the surrounding nature, where the song of the birds will lull you to sleep. These luxury villas, with their spacious bedrooms and modern bathrooms, offer an experience of total immersion in nature.

Luxury Thermal Baths near the Arenal Volcano:

After a day of exploring, what could be better than relaxing in a thermal bath naturally heated by the Arenal volcano? Some luxury villas offer this service directly on their premises, allowing visitors to benefit from these thermal springs while enjoying the comfort of their holiday home.

Urban Experience in San José :

Discover the modern side of Costa Rica by staying in a luxury flat in San José. Stroll the bustling streets, explore the city’s architectural details and end your day with a dip in your rental’s private pool.

Underground adventure in the Barra Honda caves :

Equip yourself with a helmet and torch to explore the mysterious Barra Honda caves. After this adventure, return to the comfort of your room in a nearby villa, where you can relax and relive the details of your underground excursion.

Turtle watching in Tortuguero:

One of the most moving sights in Costa Rica is watching sea turtles laying their eggs on the beaches of Tortuguero. For this experience, choose a beachfront house or villa, where you can observe this natural phenomenon while enjoying the luxury of your rental.

Calendar of festivities and best times to visit Costa Rica

The dry season (December to April) is the most popular time for tourists to visit Costa Rica. During these months, the country enjoys sunny weather that is perfect for beaches, particularly on the Pacific coast. It’s the ideal time for a seaside holiday rental. The rooms in each house offer panoramic views, and every Costa Rica villa has luxurious bathrooms, ideal for relaxing after a day of exploring.

The Festival de Palmares in January is one of the country’s major cultural events. It includes concerts, rodeos and parades. Staying in a nearby villa rental will allow you to take full advantage of these festivities while enjoying unrivalled comfort.

Holy Week (March or April) sees Costa Rica come alive with religious processions and cultural events. Rentals are very popular during this holiday period, particularly in tourist areas such as Manuel Antonio.

During the green season (May to November), Costa Rica reveals a lush natural environment. Although this is the rainy season, showers are often short-lived and are followed by beautiful sunshine. Costa Rica holidays at this time of year are perfect for eco-tourism enthusiasts. Accommodation, from rooms to villas, offers breathtaking views of the rainforest.

Finally, the Limón Carnival in October celebrates the country’s Afro-Caribbean culture. This is an excellent opportunity for a holiday rental in the Limón region, where you can experience the parades, music and dancing while retreating to the luxury of a villa for ultimate relaxation after a long night’s bathing.

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