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Going on holidays to Naxos is undoubtedly the best present you can offer to your family. You’ll see how much Naxos is the destination that all your family members would be okay for!

You will discover a whole panoply of curiosity throughout its culture, natural heritage, beautiful beaches, gastronomy. Opt for the biggest, the highest, the most prestigious island of the Cyclades’ archipelago! You will fully enjoy your stay thanks to our top of the range villa rental offers on the island of Naxos in Greece.

Enter with a bang!

To reach Naxos, you can eventually take a flight from Athens, there is indeed an airport on the island and it will facilitate the movement. The route is pretty soft, and you won’t even have to wait too long to make the most of your holidays. Once you get there and dump your bags in your luxury villa in Naxos in Greece, go to the Portara, the emblem of Naxos. It is the main door of Apollo’s temple, all in marble on the island of Bacchos.

Mythical and legendary, it dates from the 6th century BC. The spectacle of the sun in the sea that you’ll have the opportunity to admire throughout the door will make you more than happy.

Naxos is full of tourist attractions of choice and that you should imperatively visit. Starting with the main town of Chora with the Kastro, it’s fortified village, la Casa Della Rocca-Barrozi, its history museum. You’ll be amazed by the ancient statues of several millenia conserved in the archaeological museum. The huge marble statues, called Kourous, really worth a visit. You’ll see a statue towards Appolonas and two others in Melanes.

From site to site, from town to town…

With your family, take a walk in Apiranthos, the village where all the streets are made of marble! Incredible, isn’t it? Next stop, Halki, a village where, surprisingly, it snows in winter. At the bend of its alleys, you will come across the kitron distillery Vallindras. Then, in Apollonas, in the north of the island, you will have the opportunity to paddle in perfectly crystalline water. Or, go to the beach Agios Georgios, a place simply divine. Other superb beaches also await you: Agia Ana, Agios Prokopios, Plaka and Mikri Vagla. Moreover, they have the advantage of being quiet, perfect for holidays under the theme of well-being. You will even experience days when the beach seems to have been reserved only for you and your family. Thanks to your prestigious villa rental in Naxos in Greece, all these privileges will be accessible.

Naxos is located opposite Paros, a very touristic sister island, which you can take the time to visit. Those who have not had the chance to rent a villa in Naxos often turn to Paros. During the day, you can also discover the other neighboring islands, namely Mykonos and Tinos. You will be delighted by the beauty of the place. Naxos, it’s an enchantment and it’s now!

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