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Luxury villa rental » Croatia

Best villas for rent IN Croatia


Incredibly beautiful beaches, rare artistic treasures, an archipelago of unusual islands: all these jewels of the Adriatic Sea await you. If the desire to discover this piece of paradise titillates you, then succumb and discover our luxury villas for an even more unforgettable stay in Dalmatia.

This stay will be particularly marked by the discovery of great historical vestiges which border the Dalmatian coast, as besides a little everywhere in Croatia. You will find the indelible imprint of the Middle Ages through its castles, fortresses and other religious buildings. In the cities of Dalmatia, the Venetian style is very present. Your journey begins here, reading what awaits you.

Dalmatia consists of four regions: Zadar, Šibenik, Split and Dubrovnik . You have certainly already heard about the splendor of Dubrovnik it is the obligatory tourist passage for a stay in Croatia. Zadar, Split and ŠIbenik are also extremely rich in historical monuments. In the far north, Zadar is known for its Venetian and Roman ruins. Split stands out as being the second flagship city of the northern region. ŠIbenik is famous for its old town and Santiago Cathedral. Know that this last is registered with the world inheritance of UNESCO. Visit one by one these extraordinary cities, you will be amazed.

Dalmatia is also four magnificent protected national parks that safeguard the natural and typical karst landscapes. Don’t miss them. They also serve as ramparts for the Paklenica Gorge and the wild areas of Risnjak and Sjeverni Velbit. The fabulous parks of Krka and Kornati, are also inescapable it is a whole hinterland with the abundant greenery which will not be able but to enchant you.

To make the most of your stay, carefully prepare your tour according to the holiday rental you have chosen. There are many tourist sites to discover and they are just waiting for you. Discover the splendid fortified city of Dubrovnik with its extraordinary Sponza Palace. You will have pleasure to stroll in a maze of alleys with incredible authenticity and to admire the panoramic sight on these typical roofs and on its waters of a turquoise blue. This symphony of colors and this harmony of tones will pleasantly surprise you. This rich cultural heritage of Dalmatia will undoubtedly satisfy your thirst for history.

From Dubrovnik, head for the islands of Korkula and Mljet.

From Split, go up on Istria, down towards Montenegro, or join the islands Brac and Hvar. From ŠIbenik you can explore the Kornati archipelago.

Many options offer you… It’s up to you.

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