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Best villas for rent IN Mykonos


Just a three-hour ferry ride from Athens, or a four-hour direct flight from France, the island of Mykonos offers a host of attractions for a top-of-the-range holiday. Our seafront villas await you for a week of festivities and relaxation. Welcome to Greece, land of gastronomy, history and good weather.

Take this trip as an invitation to discover the uniqueness of this astonishing archipelago. The wonderful confetti of the Cyclades offers many different atmospheres. Discreet travelers will prefer the intimacy of a luxury villa overlooking turquoise blue waters. How about breakfast under a wooden pergola with exposed beams? The rest of the day will be spent relaxing, swimming in the large pool and contemplating the idyllic landscape. At the heart of the Hellenic world, Mykonos (Μύκονος), is a well-guarded gem. Our charming residences, located in the most privileged spots, are safe from noisy tourists. Enjoy a gentle breeze and admire the ball of sailboats sailing from island to island on the strength of the wind.

The main advantage of Mykonos is that it’s a cocoon unto itself. Independent of the outside world, you can choose to isolate yourself on the island or party into the night. The two worlds don’t meet. On the eastern side of the island, you’ll enjoy the quiet beaches of Mersia, Fokos and Mirsini. Small stretches of white sand where you can take a dip in the still-warm water in the late afternoon.

If you are coming from Athens, you’re likely to enjoy the trip from the very first moment. Sailing between the rocks and confetti that make up the archipelago is the first interactive activity. When it’s time to get active, you can head to the beaches of Paradise beach and Super Paradise. Defy Poseidon, the god of winds and tides, by taking up windsurfing. The winds are never dangerous, as the islands are close together, and the forces of nature are weakened by the layout of the archipelago. However, the islands are far enough apart that you can water-ski between two rocks in the Aegean Sea in half an hour. You can also rent a catamaran for monohull sailing around Mykonos, or a sailboat for those who prefer a bit of peace and quiet.

In Mykonos (Μύκονος), you’ll spot real artisan potters on your wanderings. The pottery is made by peasants who have either always lived on the island, or Greek women who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the big cities. They handle clay as their ancestors did in ancient Greece. If the coloring is done with plaster, it’s because the shop is traditional. Greece is also home to Orthodox monasteries. A major pillar of Orthodoxy along with Bulgaria, Romania and Russia, the land of the Hellenes abounds in small churches scattered across its territory. Mykonos is home to numerous churches, one of the most emblematic being that of Elias. Atop a small rocky peak, this place of worship offers a sumptuous panorama of the Aegean landscape. Also scattered around the island are whitewashed chapels with cobalt-blue domes. These places of worship are often found at the end of paths, with the aisles looking directly out over the turquoise-blue sea.

Late afternoon is the ideal time to reach the ports of Platos Galos and Ornos. Numerous restaurants offer a range of seafood products caught that very morning. Experience Greece as you’d imagined it in your wildest dreams. Here you are on a terrace in front of small boats belonging to the locals. The turquoise-blue waters are an invitation to rest and tranquility. Here you are, seated with a plate of fresh specialties and a glass of white wine in hand. All that’s left to do is wait for the sun to fade below the horizon.

Evenings in Mykonos are lively. The district is located in the south of Mykonos town, and is nicknamed Little Venice. The one- to two-storey houses were built right on the seafront, with balconies overlooking the sea. This enabled captains to get to their boats in front of the port of Chora more quickly. Take a seat in one of the restaurants and enjoy the panoramic view. On one side, the beams supporting the fishermen’s houses in the water and on the other the five windmills of Kato Mili (Κάτω Μύλοι). You’re not dreaming: thousands of miles from the home of Cervantes and the Dutch tulip fields, it’s indeed the windmills that have established themselves as the symbol of this world-famous island.

Finally, let’s talk about gastronomy, as Greece is also the home of the plate and long-lasting meals. In culinary terms, the islands offer a delicious blend of fresh cheese, dry bread and olive oil. At lunchtime, when it’s time to get back on the hiking trails, ask for a louza loukaniko. This mutton-based meal will get you back on track to tackle the remaining kilometers before the dream beaches. If you still have room, ask for a moussaka. Made from eggplant, this dish is often served with a dollop of olive oil and accompanied by potatoes and tomatoes. It’s a dish that will put you to sleep in the afternoon, ideal for a little siesta, and you’ll be able to hit the road again once the sun starts to fade.

As the climate in Greece is very hot, you’ll enjoy fresh food all day long, as well as explosive wines. Indeed, not far away are the islands of Naxos and Santorini, with their calderas where magma is still active. The vines, with their astonishing composition, will produce a lively, dynamic white wine. The neighboring island of Tinos offers a wine with an astonishing history. The vines around the chapel have been cultivated for centuries by the island’s ecclesiastics.

Every hill on Mykonos has its own story to tell, from wars and mythologies to heritage, there’s enough to discover to last a lifetime. There are many jewels to be found on this island, and our villas are the finishing touch that give these notes of beauty and serenity.

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