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Luxury villa rental » Italy » Tuscany

Welcome to the unparalleled experience of luxury villas in Tuscany, a sensory immersion in the heart of Italy that will awaken your senses and leave lasting memories. Imagine yourself in the heart of this iconic region, surrounded by verdant vineyards, majestic cypresses and the gentle Tuscan breeze. Our luxury villas offer you much more than just a holiday home, they offer you a dream week, a luxury break in this renowned region, rich in history, culture and breathtaking landscapes.

Each villa is privately owned, an oasis of tranquility that welcomes you with its elegant rooms, sumptuous bathrooms and panoramic views of the Tuscan countryside. Imagine sipping a glass of Chianti on your private terrace, taking a dip in a sparkling outdoor pool, or enjoying authentic local cuisine prepared in your fully equipped kitchen. Whether you want to explore the medieval alleys of Florence, get lost in the Chianti hills or simply relax in the privacy of your villa, your nights in Tuscany will be a true symphony of luxury and beauty.


Best villas for rent IN Tuscany


A short history of Tuscany

Since ancient times, Tuscany has been the cradle of great civilizations, from the Etruscans to the Romans and the Medici of Florence. Today, this region embodies the perfect alliance between modernity and history, offering picturesque towns and villages where every street tells a story. A villa rental in Tuscany allows you to immerse yourself in this heritage, to live in a private property amidst vineyards, olive groves and rolling hills.

Whether you choose a villa near Florence, the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, or in the gentle Chianti hills, you will discover priceless cultural heritage, stunning views and authentic Tuscan cuisine. The luxury villas in this region are more than just a holiday rental, they are an invitation to experience the history, beauty and elegance of Tuscany at your own pace, in comfort and luxury. Welcome to a sensory journey where every moment evokes the timeless charm of this enchanting region.

How to select your luxury villa in Tuscany

The first step is to determine the region that attracts you the most. Will you opt for a villa near Florence, where Italian Renaissance art and culture shine around every corner? Or do you prefer the tranquility of the Chianti hills, famous for their rolling landscapes and vineyards? Every corner of Tuscany offers a unique experience, steeped in its own charm and history, so it’s crucial to choose a villa that suits your preferences.

Next, think about the amenities. Would you like a villa with a private pool to cool off under the Tuscan sun? Do you need multiple bedrooms and bathrooms to accommodate your group or family? Is the view from the villa an important element for you? These considerations will help you narrow down your choices to find the perfect luxury villa in Tuscany that meets all your expectations.

Most of our villas in Tuscany are equipped with:

a garden with Private Pool

a fully equipped kitchen

of a private movie theater

👉🏻 d’une Salle de sport

👉🏻 de Technologie de pointe

of a private access to the beach


Whether you are looking for an intimate retreat for two or a large villa for a family holiday, we have the perfect place to meet your needs.

3 things to do near your villa in Tuscany

When you stay at your villa in Tuscany, you will be surrounded by exciting possibilities to explore. With these three options close to your villa, you will have a complete Tuscan experience, combining gastronomy, nature and culture.


Enjoy an unforgettable gastronomic experience

Head to the restaurant “Il Palagio” in Florence, where you can enjoy fine Tuscan cuisine prepared with top quality local ingredients, all in an elegant and romantic setting.

Borgo Pinti, 99, 50121 Florence FI, Italie.

To gain height

If you are a fan of outdoor activities, do not miss the opportunity to hike in the Chianti hills, offering scenic trails through vineyards and olive groves, as well as spectacular panoramic views.

Pour une dose de culture toscane

Visit the city of Siena and explore its famous Piazza del Campo, where the Palio, an exciting horse race, takes place. This square is a testimony to the medieval history of Tuscany and its timeless charm.

They traveled to Tuscany with Bellavista

Our guests have experienced extraordinary moments in our luxury villas in Tuscany

Their testimonies tell the story of a getaway where every moment was imbued with comfort and pleasure.

Sophie & Marc – Paris, France

“Our stay in the Tuscan villa was simply magical! The villa was incredibly elegant, with an infinity pool offering stunning views of the Chianti vineyards. We were pampered by the staff, who prepared exquisite Tuscan meals for us. Our trip was an authentic and luxurious experience that we will never forget.”

Emma & David – Londres, Royaume-Uni

“We were lucky enough to experience dream nights in this luxury villa in Tuscany. From the moment we arrived, we were blown away by the charm and refinement of the property. Every night spent in this villa was a true immersion in absolute luxury. The sumptuous rooms, elegant bathrooms and panoramic views from our private terrace created an atmosphere of pure enchantment.

Michael & Maria – New York, États-Unis

“The villa in Tuscany was the perfect destination for our family trip. The kids loved the pool, and we enjoyed the space and comfort of the villa. We also took advantage of excursions in the surrounding area, including a visit to Florence to discover its incredible artistic heritage.”

Andrea & Luca – Milan, Italie

“We chose this Tuscan villa for our family reunion, and it was a perfect choice. The lush gardens and panoramic views provided an ideal setting for al fresco dining and relaxing moments. We left with precious memories and beautiful photos.”

Luisa & Ricardo – São Paulo, Brésil

“Our experience in Tuscany was a dream come true. The villa was spotless, and the local food was divine. We especially enjoyed the wine tastings in the nearby vineyards. We felt really privileged to live such a luxury experience in Italy.”

5 good reasons to book a luxury villa in Tuscany

Booking a luxury villa in the Tuscan coast is much more than just a getaway, it’s an exceptional experience to live in Italy

Timeless Tuscan Elegance: Tuscany’s luxury villas are steeped in charm and history, providing an elegant and authentic setting for your holiday. You will live in a property that embodies the soul of Tuscany, with its classical architectural elements and sumptuous interiors.

An intimate contact with nature: Surrounded by vineyards, olive groves and hilly landscapes, the villas offer direct contact with the natural beauty of Tuscany. Guests can stroll through the hills, enjoy al fresco dining with countryside views and relax by private pools.

A cuisine worthy of gourmets: Tuscany is renowned for its delicious cuisine. Guests can prepare meals with fresh local produce in their well-equipped kitchen or enjoy authentic Tuscan cuisine prepared by a private chef in your villa.

Priceless cultural wealth: Tuscany is full of cultural treasures, from historic cities like Florence, Siena and Pisa to preserved medieval villages. A well-located villa will make it easy for you to explore these cultural gems.

Privacy and absolute comfort: Luxury villas offer complete privacy for your family or group of friends. You will enjoy elegant rooms, sumptuous bathrooms and panoramic views, all in absolute comfort.

When to go to Tuscany?

To plan your trip to Tuscany, it is essential to choose the ideal time to fully enjoy all that this Italian region has to offer. The best seasons to go to Tuscany are spring and autumn. In spring, usually from March to May, mild temperatures and verdant landscapes are perfect for exploring historic towns, vineyards and countryside. It’s also the time of festivals and cultural events, which adds a unique dimension to your trip. Autumn, from September to November, is another privileged season. The temperatures remain pleasant, the vineyards are in full harvest, and you can taste the famous Tuscan wines. In addition, tourist crowds are decreasing compared to the high summer season.

However, if you prefer summer temperatures, summer in Tuscany, from June to August, is the perfect time for a beach holiday and swimming in the Mediterranean Sea. Resorts like Forte dei Marmi and Viareggio offer a luxurious seaside experience. On the other hand, it is important to note that this period is also the most touristy, which means that tourist sites can be busier and accommodation rates higher. Ultimately, the best time to go to Tuscany depends on your personal preferences, whether you’re looking for mild temperatures, cultural festivals, grape harvests or sunny days at the beach.

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