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Luxury villa rental » Spain » Mallorca

Welcome to Mallorca...

On this island, both harbors and luxurious complex are close to each other. Between some transparent sea cricks, there are rich vegetal and wonderful mountains to explore. You will like its elegance, which is appreciated by the Royal Spanish family. Bellavista will propose you many charming villas in peaceful places...

Best villas for rent IN Mallorca


Majorca, a jewel of the Balearic Islands, is famous for its luxury villas, which offer unique and memorable experiences, day and night. This popular destination offers a variety of villa rentals across the island, catering to all expectations in terms of luxury and amenities. In Palma, the vibrant heart of Majorca, villas stand out for their sophisticated architecture and spectacular views, offering visitors a unique night-time experience. The villas’ private swimming pools add an exceptional touch, allowing guests to relax under the Mediterranean sun or enjoy starlit nights, creating unforgettable memories.

In charming locations such as Alcudia and Pollença, the villas offer spacious bedrooms and well-equipped bathrooms, ensuring a comfortable stay for holidaymakers. The value for money of these Majorca villa rentals is exceptional, combining luxury and affordability. The island’s traditional houses, transformed into modern villas, offer breathtaking views of the idyllic Balearic landscape.

When you choose a villa in Mallorca for your vacation, you not only benefit from a relaxing stay, but also from the opportunity to discover the local culture and fascinating history of the island.

A brief history of Mallorca…

Majorca, also known as Mallorca in Spanish, is a captivating island in Spain‘s Balearic archipelago. This destination is rich in history and has been the scene of many civilizations over the centuries. Founded by the Romans, Mallorca has prospered thanks to its strategic location in the Mediterranean and its abundant natural resources. The island’s architectural heritage is marked by sumptuous villas and historic mansions with lush gardens and dazzling swimming pools. Today, Mallorca continues to attract visitors from all over the world in search of an authentic Balearic vacation rental experience. Private rentals, ranging from luxury villas to charming seaside vacation homes, offer superior sleeping comfort for peaceful nights.

Whether lounging on Mallorca’s sandy beaches, exploring charming towns and villages such as Palma, Alcudia and Pollença, or relaxing by the pool after a day of adventure, Mallorca is a destination of choice for those wishing to combine history, culture and modern comforts in their memorable vacation on this enchanting Mediterranean island.

How to choose your luxury villa in Mallorca ?

When looking for your ideal Majorca villa, there are several key elements to guide your choice to ensure a memorable vacation on this popular Balearic island.

Comfort and luxury: Opt for a Majorca villa that combines exceptional comfort with distinctive luxury. Interiors should be meticulously appointed with high-quality materials and décor that evokes Mediterranean elegance. A villa with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms offers comfortable living space for all guests, guaranteeing peaceful nights.

Strategic location: Location is everything when it comes to maximizing your Majorca experience. Whether in the bustle of Palma or the tranquility of Alcudia, choosing a strategically located villa rental gives you easy access to the island’s various attractions. Opt for a villa with a breathtaking view of the sea or the Mallorcan landscape to enrich your stay.

Private pool: A private pool is a must for any luxury villa in Majorca. It offers a haven of relaxation and pleasure under the Balearic sun, much appreciated by those looking to cool off after a day’s exploring or simply to bask in privacy.

Spaces & Amenities: Check that the villa offers spacious living areas, with manicured gardens and landscaped terraces, ideal for outdoor moments. A well-equipped kitchen, reliable Wi-Fi connection and efficient air conditioning are essential for modern comfort.

Authenticity and Local Experience: Choose a villa that offers a true immersion in Majorcan charm. A property with a typical island garden or located close to Pollenca can provide you with an authentic local experience.

By taking these aspects into account, you’ll be able to find the ideal villa rental in Mallorca, combining luxury and comfort for an unforgettable stay. Majorca, with its varied options of family homes and luxury villas, is ready to meet all your expectations for a dream vacation.

3 things to do near your villa in Mallorca

These activities offer a perfect overview of the diversity and richness of Mallorca, making every day of your stay in a luxury villa a new adventure to discover.

  1. Gastronomic dinner in Palma: :

    Enjoy an exceptional dinner in a renowned restaurant in Palma, Mallorca’s lively capital. These establishments offer an exquisite fusion of traditional Mallorcan cuisine and modern creations, all served in elegant surroundings with breathtaking views of the city or the sea.

  2. Hiking in Alcudia :

    For lovers of outdoor activities, a hike in Alcudia’s picturesque surroundings is a must. Explore the island’s breathtaking natural landscapes, from sandy beaches to mountain trails, offering spectacular views of the Mediterranean.

  3. Visit of Pollenca :

    Do not miss a visit to the charming town of Pollença, where you can discover Mallorca’s rich cultural heritage. Stroll along its cobbled streets, admire the historic architecture and visit emblematic sites such as the church of Sant Jordi or the Calvari, a monumental staircase leading to a chapel offering panoramic views over the town.

These activities offer a perfect overview of the diversity and richness of Mallorca, making every day of your stay in a luxury villa a new adventure to discover.

They travelled to Mallorca with Bellavista

“Our stay at a Bellavista villa in Mallorca was extraordinary. The villa’s private pool was the highlight of our days, perfect for cooling off in the island sun. The bedrooms were spacious and luxuriously appointed, guaranteeing nights of absolute rest. Every morning we were delighted to wake up in such comfort. This house truly defined a new level of luxury for our vacation!”

“The view from our villa in Majorca was breathtaking, with the ocean stretching as far as the eye could see. The nights were calm and serene, allowing us to relax completely after busy days. Waking up to such a view was absolutely magical. Bellavista made our nights in Mallorca unforgettable, perfectly combining natural beauty with exquisite comfort.”

“The Bellavista villa we stayed in was ideally located, offering easy access to Palma and the surrounding area. The house offered all the modern conveniences needed for a hassle-free stay. The villa’s proximity to major attractions and beautiful beaches made our stay in Mallorca extremely convenient and enjoyable. Every day was an adventure, and returning to our comfortable villa was always a pleasure.”

5 good reasons to rent a luxury villa in Mallorca

Booking a villa on Mallorca, with its dreamy beaches and island charm, makes for an exceptional vacation experience. Here are five excellent reasons to choose a villa on this Balearic island for your Mediterranean holiday:

  1. Luxury and comfort: Our Majorca villas offer a luxurious blend of modernity and authenticity, with elegantly decorated bedrooms, sophisticated modern bathrooms and spacious living areas. Each villa is designed to offer the ultimate in vacation comfort.
  2. Ideal location: Our villas are strategically located, allowing you to easily discover the jewels of Majorca, whether it’s the old town of Palma, the golden sandy beaches of Alcudia or the picturesque landscapes of Pollença. Take advantage of your villa’s privileged location to explore the island at your own pace.
  3. Private pool: One of the star features of our Majorca villas is the private pool, where you can cool off, relax and have fun in complete privacy. Sunny days and starry evenings will be unforgettable thanks to this exclusive outdoor space.
  4. Dream beaches: Majorca is renowned for its idyllic beaches with crystal-clear waters. By booking a villa, you’ll have the opportunity to spend days exploring these heavenly beaches, discovering hidden coves and relaxing under the Mediterranean sun.
  5. Excellent value for money: Our luxury villas in Mallorca offer excellent value for money, allowing you to enjoy the comfort and services of a private villa at affordable rates. You’ll be able to enjoy peaceful nights, rest in quality rooms and create unforgettable memories during your vacation on this magnificent island.

Booking a villa in Mallorca means choosing a vacation experience that combines luxury, ideal location, private pools, dream beaches and exceptional value for money. Prepare yourself for memorable moments during your stay on this enchanting island.

When to go Mallorca ?

The best time to book a villa in Mallorca is from April to October. Here’s some information to help you decide when to go to Mallorca for your vacation on this Balearic island:

Spring: In April, the climate in Mallorca is generally mild and pleasant. Temperatures start to rise, but are not yet excessively hot, making outdoor activities, such as swimming in your private pool or exploring the beaches, comfortable. The gardens of our villas in Mallorca are in bloom, offering lush green landscapes between land and sea. It’s a good time to explore the island’s historic sites and enjoy the local culture, with many events and celebrations organized close to our vacation homes.

Summer: Summer in Mallorca is characterized by a warm, sunny climate. It’s the ideal time of year for sun lovers, swimming in your own private pool and enjoying golden sandy beaches. The warm waters of the Mediterranean invite you to relax and enjoy water sports. Choose our seaside villas to make the most of the Mallorcan summer.

Autumn: Autumn is an excellent time to visit Mallorca, as temperatures remain pleasant. You can enjoy the grape harvest and the harvesting of local produce, as well as music festivals, traditional feasts and local markets that give you an insight into Mallorcan culture. Houses with large living rooms are the perfect vacation spot for an off-season stay.

In short, spring and autumn are often considered the best seasons to visit Mallorca, as the weather is pleasant and activities are plentiful. However, if you prefer summer heat and beaches, summer will be the ideal time for your trip to this Balearic island. Booking a villa in Mallorca will enable you to make the most of your stay, whatever the time of year.

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