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Heritage, diversity, good manners and gastronomy are the first words that come to our mind when we think of France, the world’s leading tourist destination. Apart of its capital, considered as the most beautiful city in the world, France is full of magnificent regions with many facets.

Whether you want to go there in the summer, spring or winter, you will always find a region where it is good to live with family or friends. offering refinement, quality services and equipment, are a superb alternative to hotels to make the most of your surroundings in a setting that suits you. For many years, Bellavista is proposing magnificent properties carefully listed in the most emblematic regions of our beautiful country.

You are a lover of large stretches of sand facing an ocean whose waves are appreciated by thousands of surfers from all over the world, < the basque country will delight you. You will have the opportunity to stay in superb houses in the regional style recognizable by the red color of its frames and its half-timbering.

You are sensitive to history, old residences, castles steeped in history and gastronomy, the southwest is one of the most emblematic destinations of this type of stay. You will relax in beautiful properties often located near villages with character, some of these villages are considered as “the most beautiful villages of France”.

For the lovers of superb panoramas where the granite cliffs host at their bottom sublime coves with crystal clear waters, Brittany will fill you with happiness with its stone houses nestled in beautiful gardens often magnificently flowered by hydrangea beds. Brittany is also its many islands, the most symbolic of which is “Belle Isle”.

France is also “The Provence” with its large stretches of lavender fields surrounding beautiful old villages, sheltering elegant farmhouse some of which open their doors to families who wishes to spend their holidays in a superb location with character. Its typical markets and several festivals will fill your days with unforgettable experiences.

Talking about the French regions without mentioning the côte d’Azur, is like talking about Paris and not mentioning the Eiffel Tower. The “French Riviera” is a flagship destination welcoming millions of tourists from all over the world to enjoy its climate, its luxuriously landscaped beaches, its marinas where the most beautiful yachts in the world meet. Saint-Tropez is undoubtedly the most emblematic village of this jewel called Côte d’azur. Its port, restaurants and beaches wintnessed the greatest international celebrities coming to enjoy an exceptional setting. For your holidays, the Bellavista team proposes superb villas for rent, often offering a beautiful panorama over the Mediterranean or the hinterland.

Off the coast of the Riviera you’ll find our « holidays by the sea or in the heart of hilly countryside, it welcomes you in its ski resorts at the foot of the Alps or the Pyrenees.

Spending the Christmas holidays in an incredible chalet at the feet of the slopes is undoubtedly the setting that most reflects the spirit of Christmas while indulging in snow sports activities.

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