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Luxury villa rental » Italy » Sicily

A cultural mix; various landscapes, fascinating history, numerous leisure: Sicily is the winning destination. The diversity is such that the wonder is permanent. Lets start our trip by Palermo Island where we offer you beautiful villas to meet in the best way your wishes of renting in Sicily, Italy.

Best villas for rent IN Sicily


Palermo is a historical and modern city where it is good to smell the scents of the products sold on the stalls of its many markets. To know its history and culture, you must take the time to visit its monuments such as churches, palaces and other remains. Engaging in the districts of Kalsa, Capo or Vucciria allows you to immerse yourself in the culture of the city. What emerges from the contemplation of the cathedral of Monreale and its cloister is also an experience to live.

Beaches, seaside resorts, antiques…

The chic seaside resort of Mondello is appreciated for the beauty of its vast beach with clear sand bordered by a sea with turquoise waters and shallow. Nestled between two mountains, this elegant city will welcome you with a real sense of hospitality.

In the west of Sicily, we discover big ancient cities which shelter treasures like the ruins of Selinonte. Discover also the impressive Doric temple built on the slopes of Segesta and see how the remains of Agrigento finish sublimating the village of Mondello.

Further west, the city of Trapani offers you an atypical landscape of salt marshes constituting a regional nature reserve. Do not miss to visit the medieval city of Erice accessible by cable car from Trapani.

It is another beautiful alternative of renting in Sicily which is proposed to you within the framework of a stay in one of the most beautiful villas of the area.

Treat yourself to a sea trip and tackle the coasts of the islands of the Egadi archipelago. The three main islands are quite exceptional for different reasons that deserve our attention: if Favignana stands out for its festive animations, Levanzo develops a more intimate spirit while Marretimo highlights the attraction of its “nature” spirit.

Live intensely your stay in Sicily!

Head towards the centre of Sicily, in the heart of its mountains and numerous archaeological sites. It is necessary to make a passage to the famous Roman villa of Casale known for its fabulous Roman mosaics. This is without counting the visit of Cefalu, superb coastal city, and that of Enna considered as “the balcony of Sicily”. For nature lovers and hikers, you should go to the Madonie massif; the routes will take you south to Noto, Modica, Scicli, Caltagirone or Palazzolo. They are magnificent baroque cities classified in the UNESCO heritage and which deserve to be seen. As for the city of Syracuse, also classified as a World Heritage Site, it is a journey into antiquity that is open to many visitors. We discover the indelible imprint left by illustrious figures such as Archimedes and Plato. Ortygie Island is the historic centre and this rich heritage is as breathtaking as the turquoise waters bordering its coasts.

Sicily is also the volcano Etna and its region dotted with authentic villages built of lava stone. The wine route that runs through the region attracts many visitors every year.

Both the Baroque city of Catania and the village of Taormina have unique heritage attractions. For the latter, its church and his Roman theatre are as many interesting tourist sites to visit.

The hinterland of Sicily with its wild spirit and lost villages, is also part of the island’s assets. The park of Ebrodi is one of its emblematic places.

As for the Aeolian Islands, their intimate side and their exuberant nature constitute real tourist assets. The volcanic island of Stromboli is probably the best known. But that is without counting the island of Lipari appreciated for its history and the island of Salina more known for the richness of its soil. Bellavista offers a superb villa with an exceptional panorama ideal to stop your choice of rental in Sicily.

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