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Welcome to Paris, the hometown of Bellavista, where our collection of luxury apartments for rent per week or per month redefines the standards of opulence, being located in the center of the City of Light. Our handpicked properties promise an unparalleled art of living, blending comfort and enchantment seamlessly.


Best Apartments for rent IN Paris


2024 : Olympics here we Stay !

During the Paris Olympics in 2024, the city will be bustling with excitement, welcoming athletes, spectators, and dignitaries from around the world. Private apartment rentals will play a crucial role in accommodating the influx of visitors. These offerings will provide a unique opportunity for travelers to experience the games in a more intimate and personalized way. From conveniently located apartments with stunning views of Olympic venues to comfortable and spacious living quarters, visitors can tailor their stay to suit their preferences. Lessons learned from past Olympic host cities like London, Rio, and Beijing have emphasized the importance of efficient transportation, security, and seamless hospitality services. Paris will undoubtedly draw from these experiences to ensure a smooth and memorable Olympic experience, making private apartment rentals a sought-after choice for those looking to be part of this historic event while enjoying the comforts of a home away from home.


Located in the most coveted neighborhoods of Paris, from the historic Marais to the iconic Champs-Élysées and the charming Saint-Germain-des-Près, each of our apartments serves as a gateway to the essence of the city. With easy access to world-renowned landmarks, high-end shopping, and authentic bistros that capture the city’s culinary soul, your journey into Parisian culture begins right at your doorstep.

At Bellavista, we understand that true luxury transcends lavish interiors. Our dedicated concierge team is committed to ensuring every moment of your luxury apartment rental is nothing short of flawless. From personalized airport transfers to arranging private tours, dining reservations, and spa treatments, we cater to your every desire, transforming your Parisian holiday into an extraordinary experience.

The name Bellavista, which means “great view” in Italian, perfectly encapsulates our commitment to offering breathtaking vistas. Whether it’s the Eiffel Tower’s twinkling lights outside your apartment window or savoring a glass of champagne on a private terrace with panoramic views from Montmartre, our properties provide unforgettable reminders of Paris’s timeless beauty.

Your dream Parisian experience begins with Bellavista. Let us be your key to discovering the Paris you’ve always imagined, where each day is a testament to elegance, culture, and romance.

For your luxury apartment rental in Paris, superbly located,  that offer a blend of comfort, style, and breathtaking views, choose Bellavista.

Brief history of the luxury travel business and exceptional villa and apartment rentals in Paris

Paris, the timeless epitome of luxury, has always been a magnetic destination for those who crave the finer things in life. Over the past two decades, the allure of luxury travel in this iconic city has undergone a glamorous transformation, evolving into an experience beyond compare.

Early in the 21st century, Paris beckoned the world’s elite with its centuries-old charm, but a shift was on the horizon. It was a time when a new breed of travelers sought not just a rental but an exquisite narrative of their own within France most enchanting city’s tapestry.

And then, the luminous stars of Hollywood, the trendsetters of fashion, and the visionaries of our age graced Paris with their presence. Celebrities like Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Karl Lagerfeld, Uma Thurman, Johnny Depp, and many more, passionated about France, chose the luxury of embracing private villas and top prestigious apartments to call home during their weekly or nightly stays. Their exquisite tastes ignited a fervor for exceptional rentals.

But it wasn’t just about the properties; it was about crafting bespoke experiences and service. Each villa, each apartment became a gateway to a secret world, where the essence of Paris was unveiled in the most intimate way. Using it as a base to explore all artisans’ workshops, visiting behind the scenes, backstage, etc…

As the years unfurled into the next decade, the demand for service, exclusivity and personalization soared. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West dazzled the world with their lavish Parisian stays, where the boundaries between reality and fantasy blurred. These luminaries shared their love affair with Paris, igniting a global fascination.

Today, in a world forever changed by the pandemic, privacy is paramount, and apartment rental speared ahead of 5 stars hotels and palaces. Discerning travelers yearn for seclusion within the city’s embrace. The pursuit of wellness has taken center stage, with townhouses with private gardens, fitness sanctuaries, and holistic amenities redefining luxury.

As the city’s skyline evolves, so too does the concept of luxury. Sustainability and eco-consciousness are the new epitomes of opulence. Properties in Paris are embracing green technologies and practices, a testament to a commitment to a greener, more glamorous future.

And as we gaze into the future, we see a landscape where technology and elegance intertwine seamlessly. Smart homes anticipate your desires, while virtual concierges orchestrate your every whim.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose a Private Apartment in Paris over a Hotel

More privacy and so much more space, especially in Paris

Private apartments offer more space than hotel rooms, making them ideal for families, groups, or those who simply enjoy extra room to relax and spread out. You can enjoy the privacy of your own living room, kitchen, and bedrooms without sharing common spaces with other guests.

Your parisian Home Away from Home

Apartments often come with fully-equipped kitchens, allowing you to prepare your own meals and dine at your convenience. This can save you money on dining out. You have the freedom to live like a local, shop at nearby markets, and cook your favorite meals, creating a more authentic experience.

Any owner is sensitive to longer stays and may offer Cost-Effective rates for Longer Stays

Private apartments are typically more cost-effective for extended stays, as many offer discounted rates for monthly rentals. With access to laundry facilities, you can pack lighter and avoid costly hotel laundry services.

Live like a local, and Experience the neighborhood differently

Staying in a private apartment allows you to immerse yourself in the local culture and neighborhood of Paris. You can explore nearby markets, cafes, and attractions as if you were a resident. You have the flexibility to come and go as you please without adhering to hotel schedules or restrictions.

Personalized Service and Comfort

All our private apartment rentals offer personalized concierge services and local recommendations, enhancing your stay. You can enjoy the comforts of home, including separate bedrooms, cozy living areas, and a more relaxed atmosphere, creating a sense of comfort and homeliness.

While hotels offer their own set of amenities and services, private apartments provide a level of autonomy, comfort, and local immersion that can make your stay truly exceptional.

Our Guide to choose the right apartment for rent in Paris.

Location: The Art of Parisian Views, Safety, and Liveliness per arrondissement

Which arrondissement beckons your heart and senses? Is it the 1er with its Louvre view, or the 4ème, where Le Marais’s vibrant culture unfolds before you? What about the 7ème the realm of the Eiffel Tower‘s nightly shimmer?

  • The 1er Arrondissement offers Louvre views and safety.
  • The 4ème embraces cultural vibrancy.
  • The 7ème provides an Eiffel Tower spectacle.

Apartment Sizes: it is all about tailoring Your Space

Do you envision an intimate1 bedroom haven, or perhaps a spacious 2-bedroom residence? And for larger groups, how many bedrooms bestow the luxury you desire?

  • A luxurious one bedroom is ideal for solo travelers.
  • 1-bedroom for couples.
  • 2-bedroom for small families.
  • Larger options for bigger groups, corporate, or friend gatherings.

Gourmet Shopping, Museums, and Monuments: Your Parisian Odyssey

Shall you wander through Saint-Germain-des-Prés’ gourmet markets or find inspiration amid the artistry of the Louvre? Do you crave the company of the Eiffel Tower or the whispers of Notre-Dame?

  • Saint-Germain-des-Prés offers gourmet delights.
  • The 1er Arrondissement unveils the Louvre’s treasures.
  • The 7ème is your gateway to the Eiffel Tower and Notre-Dame.

In the heart of Paris, your perfect property awaits a canvas for your luxury adventure in Paris. Are you prepared to step into elegance and indulge in the essence of Paris?

When to attend the Major Business Meetings in Paris by month?

Month of February – Salon International de l’Agriculture: Charming Parisian Rentals

Discover the main attractions of Paris during the Salon International de l’Agriculture in February. Our Parisian rentals offer a variety of bedroom options for your convenience. Book now for a memorable stay.

Month of March – Paris Fashion Week: Monthly Rentals for Your Stay

Experience the glitz and glamour of the fashion world during Paris Spring Fashion Week with our bi-weekly rental opportunities in the heart of Paris. Discover furnished apartments with multiple bedrooms and enjoy the convenience of short-term rentals during this iconic event, to eventually take the opportunity to showcase your collection, if you are a fashion brand we have many spaces opportunities.

Month of April – Paris Blockchain Week Summit: Modern Rentals for Your Stay

Tech enthusiasts gathering for the Paris Blockchain Week Summit in April can enjoy super modern rental properties in the heart of the city and impress their peers with state of the art furnished accommodations. Explore furnished apartments with comfortable bedrooms for your stay.

Month of May – Paris Healthcare Week: private  Rentals

Healthcare professionals attending Paris Healthcare Week in May can benefit from our furnished and very confidential apartments with the right number of bedrooms neededs, to sleep but also eventually to host business meetings.

Month of June – Viva Technology Paris: Furnished Rentals for Your Stay

Join the tech elite at Viva Technology Paris in June and secure your accommodation with our exceptional furnished rentals. Whether it’s a large villa or a spacious apartment, we have the perfect space for you.

Also happening during the Month of June – Paris Air Show: Premium Rentals for Your Stay

For the aviation aficionados attending the Paris Air Show, we offer premium rental options, with 4, 5, 6 bedrooms for company’s Executives.

Month of September – Maison&Objet: Exclusive Parisian Rentals

Immerse yourself in the world of design at Maison&Objet in September, the second yearly edition of this major french event in the decoration industry. Our exclusive rental properties offer a great connection to le parc des expositions.

Month of October – SIAL Paris: Convenient Rentals for Gourmets 😉

SIAL Paris, the global food innovation exhibition, awaits in October. Discover our convenient monthly rental solutions with furnished apartments, with fantastic catering facilities. Find the perfect space for your culinary inspiration in Paris.

Month of November – European Utility Week: Energy-Efficient Rentals

Join the energy industry at European Utility Week in November and choose from our energy-efficient rental apartements.

Month of December – Paris Real Estate Week: Explore Rentals

During Paris Real Estate Week in December, explore the city’s real estate offerings with our diverse range of rental properties. Immerse yourself in the best apartments for rent that Paris has to offer.


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