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The island of beauty has mainly forged its reputation on three attractive regions for holidays by the sea. the North of Corsica with Saint Florent as its flagship village, and the South centered on Porto Vecchio, and the Balagne region. The geography of these three regions, and their histories, have dictated the type of holidays they reserve for us. Let's try to help you see more clearly for your next luxurious villa rental in Corsica.

Best villas for rent IN Corsica


A short history of seasonal rentals in Corsica

The Corsican people, who are known to be proud, are particularly united. From North to South and from East to West, oral and cultural traditions have spread in the most beautiful way. The Corsican song is a tribute to this beautiful Corsican language that carries its message through its streams, in the maquis and along the shores. Respect and intergenerational communion are in themselves lessons of knowing how to be and humanity.

The properties we offer for rent are mostly villas belonging to families from Corsica, borrowing from this cultural and historical wealth. One thing is certain, all the villas perfectly marry nature, with the utmost deference.

The towns and villages of Ajaccio, Calvi, Olmetto, Bonifaccio, Centuri, have a lot of character and deserve a late afternoon excursion, in the footsteps of Napoleon and the heroes of Corsican history.

How to select your luxury villa in Corsica?

Corsica, nicknamed the island of beauty, offers a unique experience for those looking for a luxury villa. Between its wild and preserved beauty, its exceptional beaches, its refined and characteristic style, and the desired level of service, it is essential to choose your haven of peace to make the most of this enchanting Mediterranean island.

Respect for the Wild Beauty of Nature, and perfect integration.

Corsica is famous for its unspoilt and wild nature. When selecting your luxury villa, opt for properties totally integrated and immersed in the Corsican maquis, or on the contrary on rocky promontories revealing panoramic views of the mountains, then the sea.

Extraordinary Swimming

Corsica has some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. Make sure that your luxury villa is located near the unsuspected wild coves, (do not hesitate to ask your BELLAVISTA advisor) and the most picturesque bays.

The clean and characteristic style

The architectural style of villas in Corsica is often characterized by its refined elegance and harmonious integration into the surrounding landscape. Opt for a villa that reflects the essence of the island, with local materials like stone and wood, modern but tradition-friendly interiors, and floor-to-ceiling windows to fully enjoy the panoramic views.

Service Level

Be careful not to expect the impossible during your next stay in Corsica. The staff attached to luxury villa rentals is dedicated, and will no doubt be able to attend the organization of excursions, gourmet meals at home, spa services, or even Corsican cooking classes for an even more immersive experience. But these services are booked well in advance, and the service offer on this destination is far from being the most complete. Some regions are more developed in this sense, but this is not the case everywhere.

Which region of Corsica to choose for an unforgettable holiday, between oneself.

For those who are looking for authenticity, it will be a villa rental in the North of the Island of Beauty

Saint Florent, Bastia and Cap Corse, appear almost as refuges of authenticity, discretion and Corsican know-how. The old stone dominates, the old towns and perched villages are constantly making the past and the heritage of the island. Many personalities have chosen the North for their holiday home, Jean D’ormesson, to name but one.

You have to enjoy the calm of Corsica in any season, and in particular thanks to some of our villas whose heated pool allows to extend the beach of pleasant days.

On the beaches of Cap Corse it is not uncommon to come across a cow or a herd peacefully grazing. The beauty of the landscapes in its raw state is confusing. a feeling of end of the world, the desert of Agriates is worth the detour, and if the idea of going around Corsica nags you, do not make the mistake of shortening your journey by truncating this little piece of Corsica that protrudes to the North.

Do not miss to attend, for example, the concerts given in magical settings. Then, contemplate the splendor of Santa Maria della Chiapella. Take le sentier des Douaniers for a health and wellness walk; you won’t regret it.

How about going to Bastia? Rich in history and tourism, this 2nd largest city in Corsica has some nice surprises in store for you. This part of the island of beauty will give you an extraordinary glimpse of the diversity of Corsican landscapes. Between sea and mountains, glare is guaranteed.

For lovers of sandy beach, head south of Corsica

In the south of the island of Beauty, several localities share the title of the most beautiful sandy beach in Corsica. Clearly South Corsica is one of the flagship destinations for people who want to swim in the crystal clear waters among the most beautiful in Europe. Swimming in Santa Giulia is like traveling to the Maldives 1h20 from Paris. The experience is unheard of. But the south is not only limited to beaches, 1h30 from the coast, it will certainly push the adventure to meet the needles of Bavelle, steep canyons, for experiences in nature, white water, and far from the hustle and bustle of seaside beaches.

Moreover, it is in the south that you will find the most beautiful beaches of Corsica. the bay of Santa giulia, to name a wonderful sandy beach.

Even if Corsica offers golf courses throughout its territory, there is a course that stands out completely, that of Spérone, in the extreme south of southern Corsica. facing the sanctuaries of the Lavezzi islands that separate Corsica from Sardinia, the very exclusive domain of Sperone can boast of being among the 20 most beautiful courses in the world. The villas on this course are all built in full compliance with the rules of specific urban planning, in cedar wood. The neighborhood could not be more select, personalities from the world of television and business cultivate the in-between, and luxury villas for rent are dizzying beauty.

Many of the villas we offer are on one level, not overlooked, and enjoy an ideal location in several respects: close to amenities, not far from the beaches of Saint Lucia de Porto Vecchio, villa with a highly minimalist design, loft style or pure gleaming marble.

The ultimate in exclusivity, sailing one day around the island of Cavalo and setting foot there is one of the outings that will leave precious memories of your summer holidays.

La Balagne for aesthetics, and lovers of exceptional villas

The Isle of Beauty has several seaside towns incredible! Calvi is one of them; The old town is a jewel in a beautiful setting. Its bay will undoubtedly seduce you, with its 6 kms of divine beaches and diving spots< / strong>. The same goes for l’île-Rousse, thanks in particular to its superb central square and its three sublime beaches.

Calvi in the heart of the Balagne region lives to the rhythm of its citadel and its main beach more than 6 km long in the city center. The destination offers the possibility to book a beautiful villa with private pool, a few minutes walk from the beach and very short distance from the city center. Balagne is the destination that offers advanced and spectacular architectural achievements, with designer villas, with infinity pool, festive terraces with barbecue, and prestigious hotel establishments. Seasonal rentals have made a place under the impetus of organized festivals including that of Calvi on the Rocks. This is the region where you will have to choose an exceptional eagle’s nest, located on the heights to enjoy the views of Ile Rousse, the village of Lumio, or to favor a renovation of silver line landing stage in the Scandola reserve, property from which you will not leave the terrace with barbecue, admiring dolphins crossing in the distance in the natural marine reserve.

the energy of the city of Calvi, from the Citadel to the beach club is palpable all summer. Calvi is a summer rendezvous, the quality of the performances make it a must for summer night owls who will pass through Ibiza, Barcelona, Naples and all the summer meccas of electronic music.

In addition, and in contrast to all that we have just mentioned, the Balagne will captivate you with the character of its unusual villages overflowing with charm.

How to choose your villa rental in Corsica?

Sea villas or retreat in the mountains…

Wherever you are you will always have the opportunity to enjoy the sea, or the Mountain. even from Corte, the historical and spiritual center of the island, it will take you less than 90 minutes to reach the coast. The mountains and the reliefs in general are constitutive of Corsica, impossible not to see them, and not to be called by their tempting excursions.

Similarly, wherever you choose your next luxury villa for rent, the seabed of the Isle of Beauty is superb. Very preserved, the maritime natural parks are real biosphere reserves, where it is not uncommon to swim with rays and dolphins 50 m from the beach.

Once the region is chosen, we will help you select a beautiful villa not overlooked, with infinity pool or heated pool to enjoy in the early or late season. In Saint Florent in particular, for lovers of village life, we offer a villa on one level, a few minutes walk from the center of the village, a short distance from a cove to swim.

No monotony in sight, the varied landscapes of Corsica give you the assurance. A rich architectural and historical heritage is to be discovered through visits to the baroque churches or the many citadels. Corte and its old town, the Corsica of the mountains, everything is enchanting! The air is healthy and the sweet Mediterranean scents will intoxicate you…

3 things to do absolutely during your stay in Corsica

Absolutely enjoy the natural wonders of the Island of Beauty

On the west coast and the bay of Ajaccio, you have a multitude of leisure activities to indulge in. You will enjoy hiking on the famous GR20.</strong trail>

On the sea side, you will enjoy diving in the turquoise waters bordering the coasts of the islands Lavezzi< / strong> and kitesurfing< / strong> one of the best spots is in Piantarella.

You can also enjoy surfing at Capo di Feno, near Ajaccio, or snorkeling in the Scandola reserve. And if you plan a canyoning session, go to the foot of the aiguilles de Bavella.

Enjoy the local gastronomy at each of your meals.

After all these joyful activities, indulge yourself by tasting the Corsican culinary specialties. From wine to cheese, Bruccio and Canistrelli charcuterie, all your senses will be awakened. Discover in more detail the different regions of Corsica by browsing the pages dedicated to them

They traveled to Corsica with Bellavista

“Our first stay in Corsica was an amazing experience. Corsica is truly the island of beauty… we will be back” Müllerson, Bremen, July 2023

“The restaurants and beach bars in Corsica are crazy, the atmosphere relaxed, the cocktails refreshing, and the feet in the fine sand. Every sunset was a unique experience. Thank you for your advice!” Andrade da Silva – LIsboa – August 2019

“Alas, our stay in Corsica had its ups and downs. Although the location of the villa was beautiful, we found that the services were sometimes too unprofessional at the merchants or some restaurateurs. It tarnished our experience a bit, but luckily the beauty of Corsica filled us with precious memories.” Eriksson, Oslo, June 2023

5 good reasons to book a villa in Corsica

If you are planning to spend the summer season in Corsica, here are five good reasons to book a high-end villa for rent.

First of all, the natural beauty of Corsica is simply breathtaking, with its wild and unspoilt landscapes that will leave you speechless.

Then, the white sandy beaches and crystal clear water of the Mediterranean make Corsica one of the most popular seaside destinations in the world.

Opting for a luxury villa will allow you to enjoy these natural treasures from the comfort of your own place to live.

In addition, BELLAVISTA offers in Corsica a wide range of high-end villas for rent, allowing you to find the one that corresponds trait for trait to your desires and your style.

Finally, renting a luxury villa in Corsica offers you an unparalleled experience of comfort and privacy, for a long-awaited holiday.

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