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Thailand, a country of spellbinding beauty and rich cultural diversity, offers travellers a host of unforgettable experiences. Among the accommodation options, renting a luxury villa stands out as an ideal way to discover this fascinating country in comfort, elegance and privacy.

Let’s explore in detail the benefits of choosing a luxury villa in Asia and Thailand in particular, the wonders of its different regions, and the essential criteria for selecting the perfect villa. Whether you’re looking for white sandy beaches, exciting water sports, peaceful surroundings, lively nightlife or breathtaking natural scenery, here you’ll find all the information you need to plan your Thai getaway.

Why choose Thailand ?

Thailand, nicknamed “The Land of Smiles”, is a land of cultural, natural and culinary diversity. Its heavenly beaches, ancient temples, extraordinarily varied and finely spiced cuisine, vibrant nightlife and warm hospitality make it a destination of choice for travellers from all over the world. Luxury villas in Thailand are the ultimate way to enjoy this experience in an intimate and memorable way.

The advantages of a luxury villa in Thailand

Enjoy unprecedented privacy and a real communal living space

One of the main advantages of a luxury villa in Thailand is the privacy it offers. These exclusive retreats are designed to offer you a private space where you can relax and rejuvenate in complete tranquillity, and the standards for bedroom size, living area and swimming pool are resolutely international. Indeed, luxury villas are often spacious, offering generous lounges and living areas, far beyond what you would expect in a hotel. You have all the space you need to feel at home.

Services and Amenities

  • Private swimming pool

Relax in a private pool reserved just for you. Luxury villas in Thailand all have private pools where you can cool off to your heart’s content, served by the property’s staff.

  • House Staff

Dedicated house staff strive to make your stay perfect. Private chefs, butlers and other staff ensure your every need is met, creating an unrivalled luxury experience. No stay in Thailand is complete without the traditional massages that do so much good.

Ideal Location

Choose from a variety of ideal locations for your luxury villa in Thailand. Each of these locations has its own distinctive charms and will offer a unique experience of this beautiful country.

Thailand’s 3 main regions for luxury villas

Bellavista offers you exceptional properties on the paradise islands of Thailand. This selection is the fruit of the years of experience of Bellavista’s associate partners,

Phuket – White sand beaches and water adventures

One of the most popular islands is Phuket, with its white sandy beaches and turquoise ocean. It’s an island 50 km long, and wherever you are, you’ll always be within easy reach of the beaches. The time difference with France is 6 hours in winter and 5 hours in summer. You will appreciate the facilities on offer, combined with the services of naturally warm and hospitable staff.

In Phuket, discover endless white sandy beaches, offering an idyllic setting in which to relax and recharge your batteries. The island is also an ideal base for exciting water-based adventures, from scuba diving and sailing to surfing and jet skiing.

Koh Samui – Calm and lively nightlife

Koh Samui offers an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity. Luxury villas on this island are perfect for those seeking serenity. However, Koh Samui has no shortage of evening entertainment, with bars, restaurants and clubs offering a vibrant nightlife.

Krabi – Breathtaking Natural Landscapes and Outdoor Adventures

Krabi will win you over with its breathtaking natural landscapes, marked by limestone cliffs, secluded beaches and crystal-clear waters. It’s also an adventure-lover’s paradise, offering exciting opportunities to climb limestone cliffs and trek through unspoilt natural environments.

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