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Luxury villa rental » Asia and Indian Ocean

Asia and the islands of the Indian Ocean are destinations where you can be sure you’ill find warm climate all year round and an exotic tropical environment. Holidays on these paradisiac islands have always made the happiness of people wishing to make breaks where the change of scenery is 100% guaranteed.

In this part of the world, our agency proposes four flagship destinations chosen especially for their cultural and heritage appeal, for their sense of welcome and service as well as for the natural beauty of their territories.

In Asia, through its partnership with Bali Premium, Bellavista offers you the opportunity to stay in the most beautiful villas of Bali and the neighbouring islands. With a catalogue of more than 250 exceptional villas with service, you will be spoilt for choice when selecting the house of your dreams, whether it is on the seafront in the residential suburbs of Seminyak or in the middle of rice terraces surrounding the cultural city of Ubud. You will also have the opportunity to spend your holidays on one of Bali’s neighbouring islands, namely Lombok or Nusa Lembongan.

Sri Lanka, called Ceylon in the olden times, has been opening more and more to tourism for about ten years. The “luxury villa” offer has been added to that of the hotel business, but the number of properties with services is not yet overwhelming. Bellavista has been offering top of range properties on the south coast of the country for several years. These properties are concentrated in the regions of Galle and Tangalle. The beaches on this part of the island are magnificent and allow you to surf and swim depending on the time of year.

Galle is a beautiful city classified in the heritage of Unesco. When you enter the fortified city, you will have the feeling to relive the colonial era by strolling in its alleys.

Many of our villas have preserved the style of the era, one of which was owned by a former ambassador of that period in history.

In order to take advantage of the few availabilities on these villas, you must try to organize your trip in advance to on the one hand, enjoy more attractive pricing conditions for your flights and on the other hand, to enjoy maximum choice on this quite confidential catalog.

You will really be seduced by Sri Lanka’s warm welcome, by its cuisine with a thousand and one flavours and by its beautiful landscapes.

Thailand is as well present in our catalogue of luxury villas. We offer you a few dozen properties You will be sure to enjoy these two paradisiac islands while staying in superb properties offering magnificent panoramas on the ocean or direct access on sublime white sand beaches.

Just like Bali, both Sri Lanka and Thailand are renowned for the quality of the assistance included in the villas’ services, namely a full staff who would relieve you completely of the logistical constraints associated with renting a private villa.

The weather conditions differ according to these three destinations. From May to September, Bali generally offers mild temperatures and a mild rainy climate while the other months of the year are wetter. For Sri Lanka and Thailand, we are actually more on opposite trends.

On the Indian Ocean side, Bellavista also offers beautiful luxury villas sometimes with staff. Seychelles and Mauritius have been very popular destinations for many years. Their idyllic beaches and top-of-the-range tourist infrastructures have always attracted a demanding clientele in search of preserved places.

Our agency also proposes to you to stay in villas located on the island of Reunion.

Do not hesitate to visit our pages describing in more detail these different paradisiac regions and to contact your specialist to accompany you in this project of stay in luxury villa.

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