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Luxury villa rental » Caraibean and Americas

Dream destination on the American continent and the Caribbean side: Bellavista offers you the opportunity to live the experience intensely by staying in one of its luxury villas.

By way of this selection, we have chosen to meet the growing demand of our customers wishing to visit this part of the Globe.

In South America, and more precisely in >Brazil, Bellavista has selected for you superb properties available for rent. It is a country that shelters beautiful exceptional properties for your next holidays and in particular, if you wish to go in the areas of Rio de Janeiro, Arraial d’Ajuda or Fortaleza. You will be totally immersed in the festive mind of this country.

Bellavista’s other dream destination is in the central part of the American continent. Costa Rica is considered to be the country most concerned about ecology and sustainable development in the world. For many years, successive governments in this small state have put in place protection approaches allowing the country to shelter exceptional fauna and flora. Costa Rica has superb diversity in its coastal and central regions. Do not hesitate to consult the page of our site dedicated to Costa Rica ; you will discover there a beautiful catalogue of luxury villas with the contemporary spirit or more local for some of them.

The paradisiac islands of the Caribbean are also beautiful options guaranteeing a change of scenery and postcard panoramas.

One of the best known and most select is of course the island of Saint-Barthélemy, more commonly known as Saint-Barth. The jet set and the world’s largest fortunes go there every year to enjoy their own villas or to spend an elitist holiday. Christmas and New Year periods are undoubtedly the most popular time when you are sure to party a few meters away from the most fashionable personalities on the planet.

Despite the hurricane at the end of 2017, Saint-Barth knew and was indeed able to regain the upper hand quickly enough to welcome new visitors.

Saint-Martin, Guadeloupe and Martinique do not necessarily offer the same style of holidays as their neighbours but they also enjoy superb assets that you can discover during your stay in one of the luxury villas offered by Bellavista.

Let’s finish this little tour of our “villa” destinations in this part of the world by Santo Domingo. Like the other Caribbean islands, you will discover superb white sandy beaches with crystal clear waters conducive to idleness. Many beautiful natural parks will enhance your stay with extraordinary discoveries that will remain etched in your memory.

All these dream destinations are accessible by direct flight from Europe. It will take between 10 and 13 hours to land on these small paradises which will guarantee you happiness and well-being.

Let your Bellavista expert advise you on how to plan and finalize your holiday project in Brazil, the Caribbean or Costa Rica.

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