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Luxury villa rental » Caraibean and Americas

Beyond the Caribbean and America, Bellavista's ambition is to help you discover the world through its luxury villa rentals. Always with the promise of luxury, exceptional service and unforgettable moments. Let yourself be seduced by our destinations, immerse yourself in the Bellavista world and build precious memories, night after night.

Best villas for rent IN Caraibean and Americas


Dream destinations for a unique rental experience

Bellavista is synonymous with luxury and authenticity. We invite you to discover the best of the “American continent” and the Caribbean through our luxury villa rentals. Let yourself be tempted by a stay where every moment is a delight for the senses, and where our quality services meet your every desire.

Brazil: an escape of luxury and festivity

Brazil evokes passion, rhythm and natural exuberance. Bellavista has meticulously selected luxury villas with spacious rooms, panoramic views and, in many cases, a private pool for lounging. Each rental is a promise of comfort, luxury and unforgettable discoveries.

Costa Rica: luxury and nature in perfect harmony

Renowned for its dedication to environmental protection, Costa Rica is a treasure trove of biodiversity. Our villas fit perfectly into this setting, offering luxury services in an unspoilt environment. Discover properties with modern architecture or more traditional residences, all meeting Bellavista luxury standards.

Saint-Barth: The epicentre of Caribbean luxury

When it comes to luxury and exclusivity, Saint-Barthélémy is second to none. Our luxury villa rentals on the island promise breathtaking views, impeccable service and unparalleled privacy. Whether it’s a few nights away or a long stay, every moment in Saint Barth is a celebration of luxury.

Caribbean discovery: Saint-Marteen, Guadeloupe and Martinique

Bellavista is proud to present luxury villas in Saint-Marteen, Guadeloupe and Martinique. These are emblematic Caribbean destinations. Enjoy the upscale services, breathtaking views and unparalleled elegance of our rentals. Each villa is an oasis of comfort, guaranteeing a luxurious holiday experience.

Santo Domingo: pure Caribbean charm

The natural beauty of Santo Domingo is enhanced by our collection of luxury villas. Each rental is a jewel box of comfort, with services that will satisfy the most discerning travellers dreaming of a stay in the Dominican Republic.

The Bellavista promise: Luxury, service and peace of mind

Bellavista is committed to providing an unrivalled luxury villa rental experience. Our services go far beyond simply renting: concierge services, maintenance, personalised advice – everything is done to ensure you have a memorable holiday. Our experts are on hand to help you organise a tailor-made holiday, whether in Brazil, the Caribbean or Costa Rica.

In conclusion, each Bellavista villa is an invitation to luxury, where every detail has been thought of for your comfort. From the breathtaking views to the refreshing pool and the impeccable service, your stay will be a dream come true.

A worry-free journey with Bellavista

With Bellavista, every stage of your trip is carefully orchestrated. From the booking of your luxury villa to the provision of personalised services, we ensure that everything is impeccable. Imagine arriving in a perfectly prepared villa, where every room reflects luxury and comfort, and the view from the terrace takes your breath away. And if you fancy a moonlit dip in the private pool, or a candlelit dinner organised especially for you, our concierge service is there to make your every wish come true.

Your satisfaction is our priority

Bellavista puts customer satisfaction first. We value your opinion. Every week, we gather feedback from our travellers to constantly improve our offer and our services. Whether it’s a detail in one of our villas or a suggestion about our destinations, we listen. We want your holiday experience to be perfect, from the first day to the last.

When to rent a luxury villa in the Caribbean?

The Caribbean, with its tropical climate, promises heavenly holidays all year round. However, each season has its own particularities. Here’s an overview of the best times to rent a luxury villa in this idyllic region.

Winter: High tourist season

December to April is the high tourist season in the Caribbean. The climate is dry, sunny and the temperatures pleasant. It’s the ideal time to escape the winter chill of more northerly regions and enjoy the Caribbean sunshine. Luxury villas are very popular during this period, offering breathtaking views over crystal-clear waters and white sandy beaches.

Spring: Peace and quiet

From May to June, the crowds disperse, giving way to a more peaceful atmosphere. The climate remains pleasant, with slightly warmer temperatures. Prices for luxury villas can be more attractive, offering excellent value for money for those seeking luxury and tranquillity.

Summer and autumn: rainy season and festivals

July to November is the rainy season in the Caribbean. Although showers are more frequent, they are generally short-lived and followed by sunny spells. It’s also a period rich in cultural and local festivals. Renting a luxury villa during this season offers a more authentic experience, immersed in Caribbean culture.

In short, the Caribbean offers unique moments all year round. Deciding when to rent will depend on your climate preferences, the ambience you’re looking for and, of course, the availability of luxury villas that meet your expectations.

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