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Luxury villa rental » Morocco » Marrakech

Best villas for rent IN Marrakech


Ô Marrakech la rouge, ô mon amour, esprit d’un univers où la vie est si tendre et joyeuse ” Abddurahman Al Maghrebi “.

” The city of sun and moon, snow and palm trees, civilization and history” this is how the Marackchis like to call it. Marrakech the red, a kingdom where it is good to live. The capital of southern Morocco and the Andalusian Empire welcomes you for an unforgettable stay in your rental in Marrakech with Bellavista.

Admire its ancient buildings, its incredibly radiant mosques decorated with exotic colors alternating emerald-green, coral red and turquoise blue. Don’t forget to go to the huge courtyards and souks where the atmosphere of the simple and modest Moroccan people reigns, the scents of spices and Tajine prepared in the open air will make you want to taste them… You will be fascinated by the charming nature of this city which combines the beauty of the past with the splendor of the present… Fly away and enjoy an extraordinary stay a few hours from Europe by plane.

For a perfect stay, your Bellavista advisor will be delighted to accompany you in your rental project in Marrakech.

Blue gardens in the heart of a red city!

Marrakech seduces everyone with its colors and its bewitching smells… It also has several gardens of world fame and listed in the world heritage of UNESCO of which the Majorelle Garden, this garden is at the top of the not to miss list of Marrakech and Morocco as a whole. It was built by the famous French painter Jacques Majorelle in 1924 who, to the surprise of the Marrackchis, opted for the color blue to dye its walls and make it a wonder and an enchantment for the eyes of its visitors. A true blue masterpiece in the heart of a red city that you can admire while enjoying your beautiful luxury home proposed by your agency Bellavista.

Sun all year round!

Marrakech is known for its exceptional climate and its warm sun throughout the year, people say that its seductive sun replaces its rain… Take short walks by bike or on foot with your family or friends, its imposing palm grove will protect you under its shade… Countless markets await you in Marrakech, palaces and Jamaas, devote a whole day to explore the Medina and its secret courses, walk through its winding streets…

After your walk, you can settle in one of the Khaymas of the Marrakchis for a tea, carefully prepared and filtered served with delicious small cakes such as Garnghzels, Ghraybiya and dried figs.

Monuments of the red city

History lovers will find their happiness in Marrakech, because the monuments of this splendid city will seduce them. Several archaeological sites that represent the undeniable trace of all the populations that occupied this land, from the Berber marabouts to the Saidites and Andalusians. An enormous cultural and architectural heritage including the unmissable Djamae El Ktiba with its famous lighthouse considered as one of the most beautiful monuments of the Great Magreb and the whole world. Take the time to go to the famous course “Sahet El Fna” the heart and the pillar of Marrakech, you will get lost and to see it in its entirety you would need a lifetime…

The Almoravid dome bears witness to the beauty of Murabeti architecture, beautifully engraved with golden bows and stars telling incredible stories and heroic legends of yesteryear.

Art, culture and cinema!

If you love cinema, Marrakech will make you happy with its international film festival where the four corners of the world speak the same language: art!

Marrakech du rire is also a must in the city, hosted by the famous Djamel Debbouz, Gad El Maleh and several other talented actors and artists to entertain you and enjoy your stay in Marrakech.

Beautiful villas proposed by your Bellavista advisor, will meet your expectations of comfort and stay thanks to the services offered, and will offer you a real experience of Moroccan culture in the heart of the artistic capital of the country.

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