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Ibiza, a pearl of the Balearic Islands in Spain, is famous for its perfect combination of luxury and natural beauty. This island is a paradise for those seeking to immerse themselves in a world of exclusivity and refinement. Renowned for its heavenly beaches and cosmopolitan ambience, Ibiza is the destination of choice for a luxury break. The island's history and charm are embodied in its luxurious villas, splendid properties offering spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea and direct access to secret calas and sandy beaches.

Best villas for rent IN Ibiza


Staying in a villa in Ibiza means living a unique experience of exclusivity and privacy. Imagine rooms decorated with exquisite taste, opening onto sunny terraces from which you can admire Ibiza’s picturesque calas. Each private villa is an oasis of luxury, with a pool sparkling in the bright sunshine and privileged access to the island’s most enchanting beaches. Nights in Ibiza are magical, imbued with a serene atmosphere where the sea breeze rocks your starlit dinners. Opt for a villa rental in Ibiza and you’re guaranteed an exceptional vacation, where every night is an invitation to relax and discover, and where luxury, comfort and beauty combine to forge eternal memories.

A brief history of Ibiza…

Ibiza, an island in Spain’s Balearic Islands, is world-renowned as a paradise where luxury and natural beauty coexist in perfect harmony. It is one of the islands in the archipelago alongside Mallorca, Menorca and Formentera. Known for its idyllic beaches and cosmopolitan atmosphere, Ibiza has always been a privileged destination for those seeking to immerse themselves in a world of luxury and exclusivity. The island’s history is intimately linked to its luxurious villas, majestic properties offering breathtaking views of the Mediterranean and direct access to hidden calas and sandy beaches. These villas, symbols of elegance and refinement, are havens of peace for those seeking an escape from everyday life. They represent the very essence of the island, where every detail reflects Mediterranean luxury and lifestyle.

Ibiza, with its lively nights and relaxing days by sparkling pools, continues to be a vacation destination of choice, offering a unique living experience in villas that are much more than mere rentals: they are witnesses to the history and culture of a fascinating island. Today, Ibiza retains its status as the jewel of the Mediterranean, perfectly balancing its cultural heritage with modern trends. Ibiza’s villas, combining traditional architecture with contemporary touches, continue to attract travelers in search of luxury, privacy and breathtaking scenery. With its quiet calas, elegant rooms, relaxing pools and vibrant nightlife, the island offers unrivalled diversity, making Ibiza the destination of choice for those seeking a memorable and luxurious vacation experience.

How to choose your luxury villa in Ibiza?

When considering the rental of your luxury villa in Ibiza, it’s crucial to take into account several determining factors to ensure an extraordinary vacation. Selecting a location with panoramic views of the calas or the Mediterranean Sea, close to sandy beaches, and equipped with first-class facilities, is essential for a memorable experience.

Breathtaking views: By choosing a villa with spectacular sea views, you can take full advantage of Ibiza’s breathtaking scenery, including legendary sunsets and the natural beauty of the calas.

Private pool: A villa with a private pool is ideal for cooling off on hot Ibizan summer days and enjoying moments of relaxation in total privacy.

Spacious terrace: A large terrace is a major asset for a villa in Ibiza, offering the perfect space for alfresco dining, relaxing evenings, or enjoying the balmy Ibiza nights.

Proximity to the Beaches: Make sure your villa rental is located at an ideal distance from Ibiza’s famous beaches, providing easy access to crystal-clear waters and a variety of beach activities.

Peaceful nights: Choose villas that offer luxurious bedrooms for quiet, restful nights, an essential element after adventurous days or lively nights in Ibiza.

Dream vacation: Every villa rental in Ibiza should offer you a unique experience, combining luxury, comfort and sumptuous surroundings, for an unforgettable vacation on this fascinating island.

3 things to do near your villa in Ibiza

Ibiza, an island offering a multitude of unique experiences, is the ideal place to enrich your villa vacation with a variety of activities. Here are three must-see activities close to your luxury villa:

🥗 Gastronomic Restaurant – Sa Capella: Located in an ancient chapel, Sa Capella offers an unforgettable culinary experience. The restaurant is renowned for its refined Mediterranean cuisine, vine-wood-grilled steaks and romantic setting. Dine under stone vaults, surrounded by candles, for a memorable evening.

☀️ Outdoor Activity – Stand-Up Paddle at Cala Comte: Enjoy a day of stand-up paddling at Cala Comte, one of Ibiza’s most beautiful beaches. With its clear waters and views over rocky islets, it’s the ideal place to glide across the water and admire the coastal scenery.

🏛️ Historic Place to Visit – Dalt Vila: Explore the historic heart of Ibiza, the old town of Dalt Vila. Its medieval ramparts, cobbled streets and panoramic sea views make it a must-see. Don’t miss Ibiza Cathedral and the Archaeological Museum for a trip back in time.

They travelled with Bellavista

“My stay in Ibiza with Bellavista was an experience of pure luxury. The villa was beyond my expectations with its sparkling private pool, ideal for relaxing in privacy. Luxury was palpable in every detail, from the interior design to the comfort of the rooms. The proximity of the island’s most popular beaches made our sunny days even more enjoyable. It was exactly what we needed for a luxurious escape.” – Isabelle G., August 2019, Marseille

“Our villa in Ibiza offered by Bellavista had a breathtaking view. Every morning we were greeted by a spectacular panorama of the Mediterranean Sea. The nights were just as magical, with a starry sky perfectly visible from our terrace. This combination of magnificent views and peaceful nights made our stay unforgettable.” – Julien M., July 2023, Brussels

“Choosing Bellavista for our stay in Ibiza was the best decision. The villa’s location was ideal, giving us easy access to all the island’s attractions. The convenience was undeniable, with everything we needed within easy reach. The Bellavista team’s advice on places to visit and nearby restaurants was very helpful. We really appreciated the perfect combination of comfort and convenience.” – Marc J., August 2022, Saint Jean de Luz

5 good reasons to rent a luxury villa in Ibiza

Here are five essential reasons why opting for a villa in Ibiza will transform your stay into a heavenly adventure, combining the best of modern luxury with natural wonders. Whether you want to relax in the privacy of a sumptuous villa or explore the riches of Ibiza, each reason listed below is a testament to the unique magic of this Spanish island.

🏠 Villa comfort and elegance: choosing a villa in Ibiza means choosing a holiday experience where luxury and comfort come first. Each villa offers generous, carefully decorated spaces, ideal for recharging your batteries after a day of discovery or a festive evening.

🌅 Magnificent panoramas: Ibiza villas are distinguished by their exceptional views. Whether overlooking the sparkling sea or the charming calas, every moment spent in your villa is sublimated by enchanting landscapes.

💦 Oasis of relaxation with private swimming pools: Ibiza villas often feature private swimming pools, true oases of tranquility. They’re perfect for cooling off in the Ibizan sun or for exclusive relaxation.

🌿 Direct access to Ibiza’s nature: Many villas offer privileged access to the island’s secret calas and heavenly beaches, allowing you to immerse yourself in Ibiza’s natural splendor away from the hustle and bustle of tourism.

📍Strategic location: Ibiza villas are ideally located, perfectly combining privacy with easy access to cultural sites, nightlife and relaxation. They are the perfect starting point for a complete and varied exploration of the island.

The best time to go to Ibiza depends on what you’re looking for during your stay. Here are a few things to consider:

High Season (June to August): These summer months are the liveliest and hottest in Ibiza, with temperatures often reaching 30°C. This is the ideal time for those looking to enjoy the vibrant nightlife and lively beaches. However, it’s also the most touristy period, so expect bigger crowds and higher prices.

Mid-Season (May, September, October): These months offer an excellent balance between fine weather and a quieter atmosphere. Temperatures are pleasant, perfect for exploring the island and enjoying the beaches without the summer crowds. It’s also a good time for those looking to discover Ibiza’s local culture and nature.

Low Season (November to April): During these months, the island is quieter and temperatures are cooler. It’s an ideal time for those looking to avoid the crowds and enjoy Ibiza in a more relaxed way. However, some establishments, such as clubs and restaurants, may be closed.

In short, if you want to take full advantage of Ibiza’s hustle and bustle and nightlife, summer is the ideal time. For a quieter stay and to discover the island’s nature and culture, consider the mid-season months. For a quiet, introspective experience, low season may be the best choice.

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