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Luxury villa rental » Spain » Formentera

If you are willing to spend magnificent holidays, it will be difficult for you to resist the call of Formentera, one of the popular Balearic Islands off Ibiza. For the nature’s lovers, the setting offered by this preserved island of the Mediterranean is of an incredible authenticity. You will make the most of a stay under the sign of a generous nature and cultural unique discoveries. Formentera has always enchanted travelers seeking for calm and wild landscapes. In harmony with this unique place, we give you the opportunity of choosing among our catalogue, a luxury villa rental in Formentera for your stay.

In the heart of Formentera, an island bathed in sunshine and beauty, our rental villas offer an extraordinary escape. Imagine a vacation where each day begins in an elegant room, overlooking breathtaking scenery. Each villa, meticulously situated to maximize the island’s natural beauty, offers an unparalleled stay experience. Enjoy luxurious bathrooms, spacious bedrooms and a living room designed for comfort and elegance.

Your stay in our villas in Formentera, located not far from vibrant Ibiza, will plunge you into a world of tranquility. Just steps from the beach, these homes are jewels nestled in picturesque calas. Each rental offers privileged access to the pool and beach, inviting you to moments of absolute relaxation under the island’s sun. Rentals in Formentera are more than just vacation homes; they are portals to an experience of luxury and serenity, where the breathtaking views of the sea and surrounding islands will accompany you throughout your stay.

A brief history of Formentera…

Formentera, an island where luxury and tranquility reign supreme, has a fascinating history that is reflected in its sumptuous villas and heavenly beaches. This Balearic jewel, prized for dream vacations, has managed to evolve while preserving its charm and authenticity.

The first traces of civilization on Formentera date back to antiquity, with visitors such as the Romans and Greeks captivated by its natural beauty. Over the centuries, the island has remained relatively isolated, a trait that has preserved its rustic charm. It was only in the second half of the 20th century that Formentera began to gain in popularity, attracting an international crowd in search of pristine beaches and peaceful vacations.

With this new wave of visitors came the development of luxury villas, each offering a unique experience. These villas, harmoniously integrated into the landscape, have become the symbol of Formentera’s discreet luxury. They offer not only spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea but also privileged access to the island’s fine sandy beaches, making a vacation in Formentera synonymous with exclusivity and relaxation.

Vacations in Formentera have thus become an experience where luxury blends with simplicity, where time seems to stand still by the turquoise waters. The villas, with their terraces overlooking the sea and their Mediterranean gardens, are havens of peace for those seeking an escape from everyday life. Formentera has succeeded in transforming itself while retaining its soul, offering visitors a beautiful escape into a world where luxury, nature and history meet in a poetic way.

How to choose your luxury villa in Formentera ?

Selecting the perfect home for your stay in Formentera involves careful attention to several key details, guaranteeing a luxurious and unforgettable stay on this island from Spain.

1. Location and view: The choice of location for your Formentera villa is crucial. Choose a house with an unobstructed view of the sea or located in a quiet cove. A good location ensures not only spectacular views but also easy access to Formentera’s beaches.

2. Design and luxury: The design of your Formentera rental should embody luxury. Look for villas with spacious bedrooms, sumptuous bathrooms and elegant interiors. A luxury villa is distinguished by its ability to combine modern comfort with authentic charm.

3. Exterior amenities: Exterior amenities are a major asset of luxury villas in Formentera. Choose a home with a private pool and well-appointed terrace, ideal for relaxing in the island sunshine or enjoying al fresco dining.

4. Privacy and Security: Privacy is essential in a luxury villa. Opt for a Formentera rental that offers perfect insulation and security measures for a peaceful, private stay.

By taking these aspects into account, you’re sure to find a villa in Formentera that not only meets your needs for luxury and comfort, but also enriches your vacation experience on this beautiful island.

3 things to do near your villa in Formentera

Formentera, with its luxurious villas and idyllic ambience, offers a variety of memorable experiences. Here are three specific activities you can enjoy near your villa:

1- Dinner at Restaurant Juan y Andrea :

Located on Illetes beach, this restaurant is a veritable institution on Formentera. Enjoy a gourmet meal with your feet in the sand, and a breathtaking view of the sea. Juan y Andrea is renowned for its fresh seafood and paella, offering an authentic culinary experience just minutes from your villa.

2-Snorkeling in Cala Saona :

This picturesque cove is perfect for snorkeling enthusiasts. The crystal-clear waters of Cala Saona are teeming with marine life, offering a window onto a vibrant underwater world. It’s a refreshing and accessible outdoor activity, ideal for a day of adventure close to your Formentera rental.

3-Visit to the Cap de Barbaria lighthouse :

This iconic lighthouse is not only a landmark; it also offers one of the most beautiful views on the island. Set on a cliff, the Cap de Barbaria lighthouse is surrounded by spectacular scenery and is the ideal place to watch the sun set. A visit here is the perfect cultural and contemplative break during your villa vacation.

These activities combine the pleasure of discovery, outdoor adventure and culture, making your stay in Formentera a rich and varied experience.

They travelled to Formentera with Bellavista

“Our stay in a Bellavista villa in Formentera exceeded all our expectations for luxury and comfort. The private pool was a true oasis, perfect for relaxing after a day spent on the island’s beautiful beaches. Every detail of the villa screamed luxury, from the elegant finishes to the high-end amenities. It was truly a paradise for vacationers looking to escape into a world of luxury and relaxation.”

“The view from our Bellavista villa was breathtaking. Every morning we were greeted by a spectacular panorama of the Mediterranean Sea. The nights were just as magical, with a starry sky that seemed to come straight out of a dream. It was a pleasure to fall asleep and wake up in such a setting, where every window offered a vivid picture of Formentera’s beauty.”

“The location of our villa in Formentera was perfect, combining privacy and accessibility. Bellavista really thought of everything to make our stay convenient and comfortable. We were close to everything from charming calas to local restaurants, while enjoying the tranquility and exclusivity of our own space. It was the perfect balance for our vacation – a peaceful haven just steps from everything Formentera has to offer.”

5 good reasons to rent a luxury villa in Formentera

Booking a villa in Formentera means choosing a vacation experience that lives up to your expectations. Here are five compelling reasons why:

  1. Easy access to beaches : Villas in Formentera are often located near sublime beaches, offering easy access to crystal-clear waters and stretches of white sand. These beaches are perfect for relaxing, swimming or simply soaking up the Mediterranean sun.
  2. Comfortable Rooms with a View: These rentals offer spacious, comfortable rooms, often with magnificent island or sea views. They are peaceful refuges for a restful night’s sleep or private moments of relaxation.
  3. Close to Ibiza: Choosing a villa in Formentera puts you close to the famous Ibiza, offering the opportunity to discover two islands in one trip. Enjoy the lively nightlife and cultural attractions of Ibiza while staying in the calm and beauty of Formentera.
  4. Modern, fully-equipped bathrooms: Villas in Formentera are distinguished by their luxurious bathrooms, offering a space for relaxation and well-being after a sunny day. They’re the ideal place to recharge your batteries in an elegant, soothing setting.
  5. The Unique Charm of the Island: Formentera itself is a reason to book a villa here. The island offers a unique blend of natural beauty, tranquility and rustic charm, providing an escape from the stress and bustle of crowded tourist destinations.

When to go to Formentera ?

The best time to book a villa in Formentera is from April to October. Here are a few details to help you decide on the best time for your vacation on this Balearic island:

Spring (April – May): The climate in Formentera is mild and pleasant in spring. Temperatures start to rise, offering ideal conditions for enjoying outdoor activities. It’s the perfect time to swim in your villa’s private pool or explore the tranquil beaches. The rooms in our villas offer magnificent views of an island in bloom, and the proximity of Ibiza provides additional options for outings.

Summer (June – August): Summer in Formentera is synonymous with sunny, warm weather, ideal for sun lovers, refreshing dips in the private pool, and relaxing on the sandy beaches. The waters of the Mediterranean are perfect for swimming and water sports. Our beachfront villas offer the ultimate summer experience.

Autumn (September – October): Autumn is still a great time to visit Formentera, with pleasant temperatures and fewer crowds. It’s an ideal time to enjoy local cultural activities and festivals, exploring the island’s unique culture. Houses with large living rooms and terraces offer the perfect setting for an autumn stay.

In short, spring and autumn are often considered the best seasons to visit Formentera, thanks to their pleasant climate and the variety of activities available. However, summer remains ideal for those looking for heat and beach activities. Whatever the season, booking a villa in Formentera guarantees an exceptional vacation experience.

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