Sifnos, to enjoy a haven of happiness!

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The name of this island of Greece may not mean much to you, but once you know more about it, you can only be seduced! You will immediately plan your vacation around this unique destination. Sifnos does not enjoy the same fame as the other Cycladic islands, but its charm lies there. Still a little wild, with a preserved land and nature, the place can only please you notably by its authenticity. The traditions are religiously perpetuated and you will meet people proud of their origin and culture. Perhaps you will have the pleasure of attending the procession of Pentecost, a custom maintained throughout the centuries. Sifnos offers you a “green” and “real” tourism, just the way you like it. Take full advantage of your stay in Greece by booking your rental in Sifnos with the assistance of your advisor. Whether you want to rent a villa of a wedding or a family reunion, our charming villas will brighten your stay in Greece.

Visit it all!

To make the most of your holiday, explore Sifnos and visit its every nook and cranny! You won’t be disappointed. Kamares, the main port, will seduce you with its pretty and welcoming restaurants and friendly houses. During your visit, you will find many shops for your purchases. An exceptional place to live, Sifnos will undoubtedly please you, especially if you have chosen to stay in one of the superb villas rented in Sifnos. Your haven of happiness will probably be one of those beautiful seaside homes.

Then visit Apollonia, this village “devoted to Apollo”. Its amphitheatre-like shape, set on 3 hills, is nothing like what you are used to see. You will appreciate its pedestrian street, its churches which seem to be next to the houses. And the Folklore Museum, located at the Place du Monument aux Morts, will certainely attract you. Its cobbled alleys are so charming! And above all, you who love lively evenings, know that you will be at ease there! The “recreational lane” is full of bars, shops and other recreational facilities you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Island preserved, but trendy

It is undeniable that Sifnos has kept its original character, which makes it its main asset. But the island began to make itself known, hence the influx of a high-end, refined and chic clientele. Its natural environment keeps all its splendour thanks to the constant efforts of the population for its protection. You will admire magnificent monasteries, chapels and windmills full of ages. Art is the master, especially in gastronomy and pottery.

Your holidays will be marked by success and tranquility. As part of your rental in Sifnos, live Greek-style, at a pace where you can enjoy every moment. Do the same when you go out, mingle with the locals, in restaurants or elsewhere. Be ready to share your meals, dance to Greek music, in short, live happily!

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