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Luxury villa rental » Italy » Tuscany » Siena Area

Idyllic for a relaxing family holiday, our charming residences will allow you to enjoy the region of Siena at its true value. At the crossroads between Pisa, Lucca and Florence, our properties steeped in history will make you rediscover the different Italian styles.

Welcome to the most picturesque region of Tuscany, home of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Chianti region, our dream villas with private pool are located just minutes from the best estates where you will gladly taste these history wines.

We chose this place and these houses as if we wanted to spend our holidays there. A bucolic setting, a traditional pergola in bloom and sumptuous view, it remains only to be happy. Our ochre-colored mansions belong to large families who have made their fortune in wine or olive oil. Some of our properties are the location of well-known films, it is our villas that have been selected to shoot the most beautiful scenes. It remains up to you to decide the inspirations of your trip.

Best villas for rent IN Siena Area


A short history of villa rentals around Siena…

Once upon a time, in the heart of beautiful Tuscany, a region bathed in charm, where history and modernity intertwined cleverly. In Siena, an iconic medieval city, the art of living took on its full meaning, and visitors from all over the world were drawn to the timeless elegance of this land. It was here that the history of luxury villa rentals began to take shape, in a setting where each villa was a discovery, offering breathtaking panoramic views and private pools to overflow. The spacious, beautifully decorated rooms embodied Tuscan refinement, and each villa was an invitation to immerse yourself in the charm of this exceptional region.

Over time, the demand for these luxurious villas increased as travelers sought unique and singular experiences. Siena’s villas have become synonymous with comfort and relaxation, offering picturesque views of the surrounding countryside, where sunsets were reflected in private pools. Today, this tradition continues, and every villa in Siena tells a story of luxury, elegance and stunning views that captivate the hearts and souls of all who have the chance to discover them. A villa experience around Siena is much more than a stay, it is an immersion in the very essence of Tuscany, where the past meets the present and where every corner of this land offers a breathtaking view, promising you memories to cherish forever.

How to select your luxury villa with pool in the Siena region?

Choosing the perfect luxury villa in beautiful Tuscany, around Siena, is a crucial step in creating unforgettable holiday memories. In this quest, several elements must be taken into account to ensure that your stay is successful for your whole family.

First of all: pay attention to the rooms. Choose equivalent, charming and upscale rooms for optimal comfort: When exploring rental options, make sure the villa you’re considering has spacious, nicely decorated, and comfortable rooms. Each of these rooms should be a haven of peace where each of you can recharge your batteries after a day of exploring.

Luxurious bathrooms for your well-being: A luxury villa should also offer pleasant, inspiring and fresh bathrooms. Agence BELLAVISTA ensures that each bathroom is an oasis of relaxation, with modern equipment and top quality finishes to offer you the comfort you deserve.

Villa with pool for refreshing moments: When the Tuscan sun shines, the days can be hot… The villas with private pool that we offer each have a well-oriented, well-appointed swimming pool, surrounded by magnificent outdoor areas where you can relax, swim and enjoy the sweetness of Tuscany.

In addition to refined rooms and well-renovated bathrooms, your luxury villa must offer exceptional amenities. We have gathered in our villa collection, properties with modern and perfectly equipped kitchens, spacious living areas for your gatherings with family or friends, and high-end entertainment facilities for unforgettable evenings.

Your next luxury villa in the Siena area will allow you to fully enjoy all that Tuscany has to offer. Make sure the villa is conveniently located, close to local attractions, renowned restaurants and famous wineries. You deserve to experience the authenticity of Tuscany effortlessly, with everything you need at your fingertips.

3 things to do near your villa with pool in Siena area

Exceptional restaurant – Ristorante La Torre : A few kilometers from your villa you will find the Ristorante La Torre, an emblematic place of Tuscan gastronomy. Sit on their open-air terrace and enjoy authentic dishes prepared with local ingredients, accompanied by wines from the region. The romantic ambience and panoramic views make it an unforgettable dining experience. It is also possible to order the services of a private cook to officiate in the kitchen of your private property.

Outdoor activity – Hiking in the Tuscan hills: Tuscany is a paradise for nature lovers, and you can’t miss the opportunity to hike in the surrounding hills. The trails will take you through rolling landscapes, vineyards and lush forests. Pack a picnic, put on your hiking boots and go on an adventure for a memorable day outdoors. The return to the edge of your private pool will be all the more pleasant.

One of our favourite places to visit – San Gimignano: the medieval city of towers, Located a short drive from your villa, discover San Gimignano, a medieval town famous for its well-preserved medieval towers. Stroll through the cobbled streets of its historic center, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, visit its museums and taste the city’s renowned artisanal ice cream. You’ll be immersed in Tuscany’s history and culture around every corner.

They stayed in a private villa in the Siena area with BELLAVISTA

“The villa with private pool was ideal for our family. We haven’t left home!” Kasper, Boston, August 2022

“The charm of Tuscany was revealed in every detail, the local cuisine, the architecture, the local products. a treat” Akherhuis, Amsterdam, June 2018

“Our stay in a private villa with Bellavista was simply the Italian dream. Tuscany is very special, and the kindness of its people and local staff made our holiday even more special.” Mattejat , Munchen, April 2016

Why choose a villa in Siena to visit Tuscany?

If you are asking yourself the question in these terms, let us add a few more touches of questions:) The answers are often in the right questions.

Why not enjoy a charming and intimate experience in a private villa, ideal for a family, while enjoying personalized service to create unforgettable memories?

Why choose Siena’s strategic location between the seaside and inland Tuscany?

And thus reduce travel times and spend more time exploring the treasures of Tuscany thanks to Siena’s ideal position?

Why choose Siena for its proximity to the best tourist sites?

Why not take advantage of the convenience of Siena, which lies in the heart of Tuscany, for easy access to famous sights?

• distance as the crow flies Siena – Arezzo 70.4 km

• distance as the crow flies Siena – Monteriggioni 14.5 km

• distance as the crow flies Siena – San Gimignano 44.1 km

• distance as the crow flies Siena – Florence 72.3 km

• distance as the crow flies Siena – Assisi 131 km

Why choose Siena in summer for its rich cultural calendar and events?

Why not have an exceptional cultural experience by booking a villa in Siena during the summer and enjoying exciting festivals, concerts and events?

the region of Siena, offers a selection of luxury villas with swimming pool, for which, the value for money is among the best in Italy. Indeed, the price of a week of in one of our holiday home rentals is often much better than an equivalent hotel respecting the same number of rooms each with its own bathroom.

When should you stay in the Siena region to make the most of the culture?

If your main goal is to explore the rich culture of the Siena region, spring offers mild temperatures and the perfect light to experience Tuscan culture. During this period, you can attend many artistic, music, dance, and culinary events. Museums and historical sites are also less crowded, so you can enjoy them without suffering from the crowds. In addition, it is during this season that the garden of your villa, as well as the parks of Siena will be in full bloom, creating an ideal atmosphere for cultural walks through the city. Local street performers and artisans add an extra touch of charm to the spring vibe.

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