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Luxury villa rental » Italy » Sicily » Trapani

If you are dreaming of a memorable vacation, a stay where every moment is a unique experience, our selection of villas in Trapani is just what you're looking for. Situated on Sicily's west coast, Trapani is a destination that perfectly combines the region's historic charm with exceptional panoramic views. Our villas in Trapani offer much more than just accommodation; they invite you to immerse yourself in the authenticity of a magnificent Sicilian estate, where luxury, comfort and serenity combine to create an unforgettable holiday experience in Italy.

Imagine sipping a cocktail by your private pool, overlooking the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Each morning, wake up in one of our elegant rooms, bathed in natural light and offering panoramic views of Trapani's splendor. Your villa in Trapani promises a peaceful retreat where every corner of the house exudes Sicilian authenticity. Whether you wish to explore the picturesque streets of Marsala, dive into the crystal-clear waters of the nearest beach or simply relax in your own private haven, our villa rental in Trapani provides all the information you need for an unforgettable Sicilian experience.

Discover the magic of Trapani through the eyes of Bellavista and let yourself be swept away by an unforgettable luxury holiday in Sicily. Enjoy our villas with private pools, spacious bedrooms and elegant bathrooms for a dream vacation. Book your luxury villa in Trapani today and discover the treasures of this magnificent Sicilian region. You can also discover Agrigento, Syracuse and Catania.

Best villas for rent IN Trapani


A brief history of Trapani…

The history of Trapani is a rich saga, interwoven with the evolution of the Sicilian landscape. This charming coastal port, nestled in Sicily, has a history that goes back long before the era of seaside tourism. Trapani was once a humble hamlet of fishermen and farmers, where modest villas, rustic rooms and peaceful beaches defined its authentic character.

Trapani’s history took a new turn in the 20th century, when seaside tourism began to flourish in Sicily. Trapani’s villas became dream destinations for travelers in search of comfort and unforgettable experiences. The villas’ comfortable rooms and private pools became jewels of discreet luxury and Mediterranean refinement. The beaches, meanwhile, became havens of relaxation and leisure for visitors. Trapani has thus become synonymous with luxury vacations, attracting travellers eager to merge Sicily’s natural beauty, top-of-the-range villa rentals, and immersion in living history on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

Today, Trapani continues to dazzle as a prestigious Mediterranean destination, rivaling the finest seaside resorts. Luxury villas in Trapani still embody the pinnacle of comfort and elegance, offering sumptuous rooms and living spaces that subtly blend the contemporary with the authentic. The region offers a perfect fusion of beach pleasures and a picturesque coastal ambience, where you can savor local cuisine in charming restaurants and explore Sicilian art and culture. Trapani, between tradition and modernity, remains the destination of choice for travelers in search of the ultimate Mediterranean experience, combining luxury, nature and a living history by the sea. Discover the magic of Trapani through the eyes of Bellavista and let yourself be carried away by an unforgettable luxury stay in Sicily.

How to choose your luxury villa in Trapani ?

In your quest for the ultimate stay in Trapani, choosing the perfect luxury villa becomes an art where every detail counts. Look for elegant interiors, terraces offering spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea, a private pool for refreshing days and enchanting evenings, and proximity to beaches for unforgettable vacations.

Most of our luxury villas in Trapani are equipped with :

  • Sumptuous bedrooms with panoramic views
  • Spacious, elegant bathrooms
  • Comfortable living areas
  • Fully equipped kitchens
  • Easy access to beaches
  • Private swimming pool for your relaxation
  • Terraces offering panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea
  • An ideal setting for a dream seaside vacation

Whether you’re looking for an intimate stay for two or a spacious villa for a family vacation, we have the perfect place to meet your needs and offer you a memorable experience in the heart of Trapani’s coastal beauty. Book your luxury villa in Trapani today for a unique Sicilian experience.

3 things to do near your villa in Trapani

Taste authentic Sicilian cuisine at the “Hostaria San Pietro” restaurant:

Explore the delicious flavors of Sicily with fresh seafood dishes and other local specialties.

Enjoy outdoor activities exploring the “Lo Zingaro” nature reserve:

Go hiking in this magnificent coastal nature park, offering panoramic trails, secluded coves and unspoilt nature.

Visit the historic site of “Erice”:

Explore this charming medieval town perched atop the mountain, with its cobbled streets, ancient churches and breathtaking panoramic views of Trapani and the Mediterranean Sea.

These activities will allow you to discover the cultural richness, natural beauty and gastronomy of the region, close to your villa in Trapani. Make the most of your stay in Sicily!

5 good reasons to rent a luxury villa in Trapani :

Booking a villa in Trapani, Sicily, is much more than just a vacation rental – it’s a total immersion in the comfort and coastal beauty of this unique Mediterranean region:

Comfort in the Heart of Trapani: Our villas in Trapani, with their spacious rooms and elegant bathrooms, offer you a luxury experience in the heart of Sicily. You can relax in comfortable living spaces, and some villas even feature private swimming pools for unforgettable moments of relaxation.

Breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea: Opt for a villa overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, and every morning you’ll be amazed by the splendor of this sparkling sea.

Easy access to the beaches: If you’re a beach lover, choose a villa close to the beaches, so you can make the most of your seaside vacation.

Rental flexibility: Our villas offer rental flexibility, whether for a week or more, so you can organize your stay to suit your needs.

Ideal location in the heart of Trapani: Trapani is a popular destination all year round, whether for seaside pleasures or cultural explorations in Sicily. Book your villa now and discover all that this magnificent region has to offer.

They travelled to Trapani with Bellavista

Our guests have spent unforgettable moments in our luxury villas in Trapani. From the breathtaking sea views to the total privacy offered by our properties, their testimonials tell the story of a stay where every moment was marked by comfort and pleasure.

“Our vacation in Trapani with Bellavista was memorable. The luxury villa offered stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea from every room, which made our stay even more special. The private pool and nearby beaches added a luxury dimension to our vacation. Every evening we gathered on the terrace to enjoy the magnificent views and starry nights. The villa was like a real home away from home, and we have treasured memories of it.” N. Dona, June 2019, Faro

“Our trip to Trapani with Bellavista showered us with breathtaking panoramic views, especially at night. We spent peaceful evenings admiring the scenery from our balcony, which added a special touch to our stay. We look forward to returning to Bellavista to relive these magical moments.” K. Henry, August 2022, Capbreton

“Our stay in Trapani with Bellavista was one of great simplicity and comfort. The villa was equipped with all the necessary amenities, from well-appointed kitchens to modern bathrooms. Everything was practical and well thought out. What’s more, the location was ideal. We were close to the picturesque lanes of Marsala, and the beach was only a few steps away. It was the perfect place for a relaxing vacation in Sicily, and we recommend it.” C. Artuso, May 2021, Milan

When to go to Trapani ?

Trapani, Sicily, is a destination worth discovering all year round, offering a variety of unique experiences for travelers in search of luxury and authenticity. Whether you prefer the summer sun on the beaches of the Mediterranean Sea or the cultural richness of autumn, Trapani has something to offer in every season.

Summer in Trapani invites you to bask on its golden sandy beaches, indulge in refreshing water activities and enjoy the sunny summer atmosphere. Our luxury villas in Trapani promise you a haven of peace with their elegant rooms, well-appointed bathrooms and private pools. Imagine sipping a cocktail by the pool, while admiring the breathtaking view of the Mediterranean Sea.

Autumn in Trapani reveals a fascinating cultural facet of Sicily. Explore the picturesque alleyways of Marsala, sample local flavors in traditional restaurants and take part in local festivals to discover authentic Sicilian heritage. Once your day of exploration is over, you can retreat to the comfort of your luxury villa, escaping the hectic pace of everyday life.

Whether you choose summer for its seaside pleasures or autumn for its cultural treasures, our luxury villas in Trapani are designed to meet all your expectations. Book now for an exceptional Sicilian experience.

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