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In the heart of Corsica, in Calvi, offers a unique stay experience that harmoniously combines the serenity of your luxury villa with the effervescence of this city steeped in history, among the liveliest on the island, but also in France. Our villas, true refuges of tranquility, treasures of style and architecture become your starting point to explore this destination. Imagine yourself, vibrating to the effervescent rhythm of Calvi while enjoying the tranquil view of the Mediterranean Sea from your private retreat. It is in this setting of serenity that your adventure begins, where the natural beauty of Calvi that imposes itself majestically on you, and where the comfort of the villas has always been wonderfully cared for, creating an unforgettable experience  in  the beating heart of  the island of Beauty.

Whether you're looking to explore the vibrant nightlife, indulge in thrilling water activities, or experience the local culture, the luxury properties that Agence BELLAVISTA offers for rent in Calvi are the perfect starting point for a vibrant and festive holiday.From the moment you arrive, the  contagious energy of this destination envelops you, inviting you to explore all the pleasures Calvi has to offer, all with elegance and comfort.

Best villas for rent IN Calvi


A short history of Calvi and Ile Rousse…

Calvi and Île Rousse are two neighboring pearls of Corsica. Over the centuries, these two destinations have evolved to become refuges of tranquility where you can always get drunk on the authentic soul of Corsica. The history of Calvi dates back to ancient times, when the city was a flourishing Roman trading post. Over time, Calvi has become a jewel of the Mediterranean, a place where luxury and opulence mingle with the natural splendor of Corsica. The opulent villas that line the coast tell the story of an elite who have always been attracted by the beauty and charm of this region. As for its beaches, they have always been idyllic refuges for those seeking serenity by the sea.

More recently, Calvi has preserved its heritage while evolving to meet the expectations and requirements of contemporary travelers. Luxury private villas and renowned hotels continue to give pride of place to the Mediterranean art of living, offering unique and authentic stays. The beach, meanwhile, remains the meeting point of relaxed elegance, relaxation, and party at the end of the day. Calvi, has developed by harmoniously mixing tradition and modernity, and continues to attract lovers of Corsica, year after year.

How to choose your luxury villa in Calvi?

The most exceptional pools

An infinity pool often opens the door to an unforgettable contemplation experience in Calvi. Imagine lounging by your own water oasis, with stunning views of the citadel in the foreground and the Mediterranean Sea in the distance. When you are looking for your dream villa, give importance to your private pool, for all that it represents in terms of invitation to relax and cool during the hot days of your holidays, but also for all the moments you decide to spend there in the evening.

the treat of a terrace with a view

A spacious and well-appointed terrace is a valuable asset for any luxury villa in Calvi. The terraces of the luxury villas that we offer, are not overlooked, welcome your moments of intimacy, your moments of meals and exchange, or simply your contemplations with family or friends. The owners of villas in Corsica often have a lot of taste and arrange these terraces as real places of life in their own right, to enjoy being outdoors while enjoying the sea breeze. Opt for a villa with a terrace offering panoramic views, a magical place for quiet breakfasts or starry evenings.

By combining these elements, you will be able to select a luxury villa in Calvi that perfectly meets your needs for an unforgettable holiday. Enjoy every moment on your terrace overlooking the beach and dive into your crystal clear pool for magical evenings by the sea.

Location and Ambiance

Calvi offers a mosaic of neighborhoods and beaches, each with its own unique charm. If you are looking for animation and easy access to restaurants and shops, the historic center of Calvi is an ideal choice. The medieval citadel offers a breathtaking view of the port. For a more peaceful experience, Lumio Beach or Revellata Bay offer a serene natural setting. Think about the atmosphere that best suits your holiday desires.

Some facilities that make the difference for a stay in a luxury villa in Calvi with swimming pool and services:

– Private infinity pool with sea view

– Spacious terrace with sun loungers and outdoor relaxation areas

– Fully equipped kitchen with high-end modern appliances

– Private fitness room or access to an on-site gym

– State-of-the-art entertainment system with flat screen, surround sound, and streaming options

– Dedicated concierge service to meet all your needs during your stay

– Direct access to a private beach or a sandy beach nearby

– House staff for daily cleaning and meal preparation

– Outdoor barbecue area for dinners with family or friends

– Jacuzzi or hot tub for extra relaxing moments

These amenities add a touch of luxury to your stay in Calvi, allowing you to fully enjoy your villa and create unforgettable memories.

3 things to do near your villa in Calvi

**The best restaurant – A Piazzetta**

A few steps from your villa in Calvi is the restaurant “A Piazzetta”, a real culinary institution of the region. You will discover authentic Corsican cuisine served in a warm and friendly atmosphere. The dishes are prepared with fresh local produce, and the wine list offers a selection of exceptional Corsican wines. Enjoy specialties such as veal with olives, cannelloni with brocciu, and end your meal in style with a delicious lemon tiramisu. An unforgettable gastronomic experience awaits you in this jewel of Corsican cuisine.

PLACE MARCHAL, 20260 Calvi, Phone: 04 95 37 87 74

**The Best Outdoor Activity – Hiking in the Scandola Game Reserve**

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, do not miss the opportunity to discover the Scandola Nature Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Located close to Calvi, this reserve offers spectacular hiking trails along steep cliffs, amazing rock formations and unique marine flora and fauna. You can also take a boat trip to admire the coastal landscapes from the sea. This experience will immerse you in the heart of the unspoilt natural beauty of Corsica.

GPS coordinates of Galleria village: 42.415040, 8.653318

**The Best Beach Bar – l’Octopussy**

On one of your laid-back days at the beach, head to the Octopussy. This iconic Calvi beach bar is the perfect place to sip exquisite cocktails with your feet in the sand. Settle into one of their comfortable deckchairs, enjoy the lounge music in the background, with a refreshing drink in your hand. The sea view is stunning, and the laid-back atmosphere makes it the perfect place to end a fabulous day facing the Mediterranean setting sun.

**The Best Cultural Site to Visit – The Citadel of Calvi**

For a dive into the history and culture of Corsica, explore the Citadel of Calvi, a well-preserved historical site that dominates the city. You can stroll through its cobbled streets, visit the Cathedral of Saint-Jean-Baptiste and enjoy a panoramic view of the sea from the ramparts. It is a fascinating place where you can discover the rich past of Calvi and admire its medieval architecture. Don’t miss the Citadel Museum to learn more about the history of the region. … Ok, that’s 4 things;)

They traveled to Calvi with Bellavista

We were lucky enough to return to Calvi in June 2021, just after COVID. Our stay was great! Really, The villa was equipped with everything we could imagine, overperbe pool, atomic terrace, We really felt pampered by the staff, which made our holiday unforgettable.” Martin, Paris, June 2021

“Calvi, still festive, and yet every year more upscale. The view from the villa at sunset… unforgettable” Rossi, Rome, August 2022

“very good location to enjoy beaches, restaurants, and not too far either from shops and shops” Maria Fernandez, Madrid, July 2023

5 good reasons to book a villa in Balagne

If you’re considering a stay in Corsica, here are five good reasons to book a villa in Balagne, a region that embodies bold chic and upscale.

**Near Calvi and Île Rousse**

One of the major assets of Balagne is its proximity to the jewels of Corsica that are Calvi and Ile Rousse. You can enjoy the festive side of these cities while having a luxury haven at your disposal just a few steps away.

** Luxury Private Villas**

The villas in Balagne are renowned for their luxury and attention to detail. You can stay in a private villa with generous capacity, offering a spacious and comfortable space for your stay with family or friends.

** stunning view**

La Balagne offers breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea and the Corsican mountains. Whether you are on the terrace of your villa or by the pool, you will be amazed by the spectacular panorama that awaits you.

**Chic and discreet atmosphere**

La Balagne has preserved its chic and bold atmosphere, with a touch of modernity. You can explore villages like Lumio, renowned for their charm and contemporary atmosphere while retaining their authentic Corsican character.

**High-end, high-capacity properties **

Whether you are travelling as a couple in search of privacy or as a group for a holiday with friends, Balagne villas offer a wide range of beds and bedrooms to suit the needs of your group. Bellavista offers villas for rent in Balagne for any group size.

Booking a villa in Balagne means offering yourself an experience of luxury, intimacy and style in one of the most popular places in Corsica.

When to visit Calvi

Calvi is a destination that shines brightly throughout the year, but there are a few details to consider when planning your visit. For those looking for a festive atmosphere and a variety of cultural events, the summer period, especially the months of July and August, is ideal. This is when Calvi comes alive with festivals, open-air concerts, and a vibrant nightlife.

If you prefer a more peaceful atmosphere and want to enjoy the beaches and sea bathing in a less crowded atmosphere, the weeks before and after the high summer season, i.e. in June and September, are perfect. Lumio and Ile Rousse also offer their charm all year round, with stunning scenery and a welcoming atmosphere to experience no matter when you visit.

Whatever the time you choose, is it really always a good idea to stay in Calvi:)

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