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Luxury villa rental » France » Corsica » Porto Vecchio

Porto Vecchio, in southern Corsica is an exceptional destination that stands out as a chic tourist destination, especially thanks to its prestigious villas, both very stylish, and quite relaxed, which gives a unique atmosphere. This region encompasses Figari, Bonifaccio, and all the villages from Porto Vecchio up to Zonza on the North East Coast is of rare beauty. All the most seasoned travelers will confirm that there is no point in running the Globe in search of the wonders of the world, they are all here. A perfect combination of natural beauty, rich history, delicious cuisine and luxury accommodations, everything comes together to make it a destination of choice for discerning travelers.

The Porto Vecchio area offers a superb range of prestigious villas, worthy of the greatest architecture magazines, offering of course luxury amenities, infinity pools, panoramic terraces and spectacular views. These villas allow you to fully immerse yourself in the Mediterranean atmosphere, while enjoying the privacy and comfort of a very private stay.


Best villas for rent IN Porto Vecchio


A short history of luxury villa rentals in Porto Vecchio

In the 70s, Porto Vecchio with all of South Corsica experienced a significant increase in tourist attendance, mainly thanks to the improvement of transport infrastructure. The opening of Figari Airport in 1975 facilitated access to the area, attracting an increasing number of visitors. This was the beginning of South Corsica’s growing popularity as a popular summer destination.

It was in the 2000s that we could witness a major development of high-end tourism in the Porto Vecchio region and in southern Corsica. Developers began to invest in the construction of luxury villas and high-end hotel complexes. Porto-Vecchio has become the main destination for travellers seeking luxury, with renowned beaches such as Palombaggia and Santa Giulia. The region has also enhanced its natural heritage by preserving protected areas, attracting nature and ecotourism enthusiasts from France and elsewhere.

Over the past decade, southern Corsica has continued to position itself as a luxury destination. The establishment of high quality standards in accommodation, catering and activities has strengthened its reputation among wealthy travelers. Michelin-starred gourmet restaurants and world-class wineries have added a gastronomic dimension to the region’s tourism.

These significant developments during these decades have helped to elevate the status of Southern Corsica, and especially Porto Vecchio and all its surroundings as a destination of choice for high-end tourism, attracting travelers looking for an exceptional experience in an exceptional natural setting.

How to choose your luxury villa for rent in Porto Vecchio

Let’s determine together the villa situation that would suit you best:

As an agency specialized in the advice on luxury villa rentals in Porto-Vecchio, we offer you our expertise to guide your choice within a range of exceptional villas that each meet all your requirements. Our rigorous selection process guarantees high standing properties in various locations, from beachside villas in the heart of the city centre to more secluded corners.

What attributes or amenities do you need to enjoy your vacation?

Enjoy an infinity pool, terrace with panoramic views, high-end kitchens, and much more. All these facilities that enhance your stay are available according to the rental villas.

The services offered, also depend on the villas, and the staff on site.

If you already have desires for services, it is better to specify them to us so that we integrate them as search criteria. In addition to daily cleaning, you might want to involve a private chef for the preparation of one or more meals, to request a dedicated concierge service: your luxury stay in Porto-Vecchio is totally customizable to offer you an unforgettable experience.

3 things to do near your luxury villa in Porto vecchio

South Corsica is renowned for its spectacular landscapes. Here you will find towering mountains, green valleys, hidden coves, and of course, breathtaking beaches. These natural settings provide a perfect backdrop for a luxury holiday.

Small anthology of beaches not to be missed

The south coast of Corsica is famous for its unspoilt beauty. Many beaches, bays and coves have remained untouched, guaranteeing beautiful and tranquil natural environments for visitors seeking peace and serenity.

  1. **Palombaggia Beach**: This beach is often considered one of the most beautiful in Corsica, with its fine white sand, crystal clear waters and umbrella pines. This is the postcard beach par excellence.
  2. **Santa Giulia Beach**: Another famous beach in the area, may be our favorite, for what are family beaches. It is appreciated for its golden sand and shallow waters, ideal for family swimming. The beach of Santa Giulia is lined with restaurants and bars, each more exquisite than the last.
  3. **Rondinara Beach**: This crescent-shaped cove is a real hidden gem with its turquoise waters and preserved natural setting in the heart of the maquis. It is the ideal place to escape the crowds, it is really extraordinarily rare to meet people, even at the height of summer.

A real culture to discover, trace and understand

Southern Corsica is steeped in history and culture. You can explore picturesque villages starting with Bonifacio, Romanesque churches, Roman archaeological sites and Genoese fortresses. Let yourself be surprised by the rich heritage of the South the island of Beauty.

Each hilltop village and historic site tells a unique story. Here is an overview of the main cultural sites that we invite you to explore:

**Bonifacio**: Start your journey in this walled city perched on white cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Explore the narrow alleys, visit the citadel and learn about the history of this fascinating city. a site still very marked by the presence of the Emperor Napoleon, like many others in Corsica.

**Sartène**: Nicknamed the “city of assassins” because of its historical reputation, Sartène is a city of cobbled streets and granite houses. A very very pitoresque escape.

**Megalithic Sites**: Southern Corsica is home to many fascinating megalithic sites, such as the alignments of Filitosa, with its millennia-old statues-menhirs.

**Churches and Chapels**: Do not miss the Church of St. John the Baptist in Porto-Vecchio, the Church of St. Mary in Bonifacio and the Chapel of Santa Maria Assunta in Sartène.

**La Route des Artisans**: Discover local crafts by walking the Route des Artisans de la Corse du Sud, where you can meet talented artisans who perpetuate centuries-old traditions.

One of the best, if not the best place in the Mediterranean to enjoy a stay in a villa, and practice water activities

South Corsica is a paradise for water sports enthusiasts of all ages. Whether you are looking for family adventure or solo thrills, this region offers a multitude of opportunities to enjoy the Mediterranean Sea. Here are some of the most exciting water activities to discover, relaxing or extremely excited: South Corsica has everything you need to satisfy your cravings. Explore these water activities with family or friends and discover the unique beauty of the Corsican Mediterranean.

**Scuba diving**: Explore the South Corsican seabed, rich in colorful marine life. Dive sites not far from your luxury villa such as the Lavezzi Islands and Scandola Nature Reserves are a must for divers of all levels.

**Snorkeling**: For a nautical experience accessible to all, sometimes even from the beach at the end of the garden of your villa rental, bring a mask and snorkel and discover the crystal clear waters of the beaches of Santa Giulia, Rondinara and Palombaggia.

**Windsurfing and Kitesurfing**: The favorable wind conditions make South Corsica an ideal place for windsurfing and kitesurfing enthusiasts. The beaches of Propriano, Porto Pollo, and Piantarela, Pianotoli, Rondinara, or Figari are particularly popular with windsurfers.

**Boat rental**: Renting a boat, even a small capacity, is an experience not to be missed, if the weather is good, as is often the case. Discover secluded coves, sea caves and remote beaches, by catamaran, head to the Lavezzi Islands, Bonifacio Caves and secluded beaches.

**Water skiing and wakeboarding**: The calm waters of the Gulf of Porto-Vecchio are particularly conducive to the practice of these sliding sports.

**Sailing**: South Corsica is a fantastic place for sailing enthusiasts. The ports of Bonifacio, Ajaccio and Porto-Vecchio are ideal starting points for sea excursions. including the famous Corsican Sardinia regatta which brings together magnificent rigging.

How to choose your villa for rent in Porto Vecchio

When it comes to selecting your luxury villa in Porto-Vecchio, location is key to Corsican paradise. Porto-Vecchio offers a range of exceptional locations to meet your needs of discerning travellers. Discover the benefits of each pitch for an unforgettable villa experience.

The location depends on the holiday project.

Opt for a villa located near the port of Porto-Vecchio, if you are looking for easy access to the charms of the port. The city’s marinas offer a perfect blend of convenience and sophistication. Guests can stroll along the bustling quays, discover fresh seafood restaurants and enjoy the Mediterranean atmosphere. A villa close to the port will allow you to immerse yourself in the lively life of Porto-Vecchio while offering you a haven of peace to relax after a busy day. Porto Vecchio most beautiful beaches include Palombaggia Beach, Santa Giulia Beach, Rondinara Beach and Cala Rossa Beach, all within easy reach to enrich your luxury stay.

For those who prefer a peaceful escape with stunning views, the heights of Palombaggia are the place to be. Stay in a villa perched on the hills overlooking the beautiful Palombaggia Beach and enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea. Total privacy is guaranteed in this exclusive environment, where you can relax on your private terrace without being disturbed. The sandy beaches and turquoise waters are only a few minutes’ drive away, offering you the perfect combination of serenity and easy access to the beach. nearby, you will discover Tamaricciu Beach, Folaca Beach, Acciaghju Beach. It is also the perfect location to see and show off, enjoy the trendy places, and go out to the most chic bars and restaurants in southern Corsica, just below your private villa.

If your holiday plan is more family-friendly, and you also prefer to keep the possibility of escaping to quieter beaches, those north of Porto-Vecchio, also offer beautiful luxury stay options, in private villas with swimming pool on their outskirts. These family villas offer the privacy and space for a high-quality family holiday, which will become your precious memories. Among the beaches north of Porto-Vecchio, you will discover treasures such as the Saint-Cyprien Beach, Pinarello Beach, Fautea Beach and Canella Beach, each of which we offer properties for rent, ready to welcome you for days of relaxation and leisure.

They traveled to Porto-Vecchio and its surroundings with BELLAVISTA:

“Luxurious stay with private pool in line with our expectations.” SUTTER, Oxford, September 2022.”

“Total disconnection in an amazing and peaceful setting. just serenity and tranquility.” KASPER, Boston, July 2019.”

“Breathtaking view from the terrace, lively nightlife, but also day :)” Porto-Vecchio shines under the stars.” FIGATELLI, Milan, August 2017.”


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