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Luxury villa rental » Italy » Sardinia » Cagliari

Close to the international airport of Cagliari, we give you a warm welcome in this well-known region for its splendid beaches, wines and cultures. You may have already seen it, the region ticks all the boxes for a high-end journey. From medieval castles to small houses on the sea, the island of Sardinia invites you for an idyllic and unforgettable stay.

Ideal for family trips, our charming villas will allow you to both relax and discover the region. The region of Cagliari will offer you stunning villas, a fusion of modernity and the true Mediterranean spirit. Designed for outdoor living, our villas are ideal for guests to relax outside facing the swimming pool and the breathtaking sea views which stretch out before them. Sardigna island enjoys a hot climate, so wake up and have breakfast on the beautiful outdoor terrace – the weather is simply perfect! There are more than a thousand reasons you should explore the heart of the Sardinia region. Admire the surrounding hillside spots of Spaggia de Poetto or Nurragi steeped in the history of the different civilisations that conquered the island. This beautiful island is a slice of paradise that will delight your guests. Whether you want to rent a villa of a wedding or a family reunion, our charming villas will brighten your stay in Italy.

The region is surrounded by olive groves which stretch for miles on end, each one different from the next.

Many activities are on offer: taste some of the best olive oil and Italian spirits. Stop off at one of the many wild beaches and lose yourself in picturesque scenery. Don’t forget to bask on the Spiaggia dei Dune, or a hike in the forests that are heading to the ocean. Our villas are tranquil oases of peace. Between walks along the seashore or hikes in the steep mountains, there is plenty to occupy you. The fully-equipped kitchens will allow you to easily prepare your favourite Italian dishes just like the maestros! Burrata, prosciutto or mozzarella, the culinary delights of Italy are inexhaustible. Rent a car and hit the road for a good 20km ride and discover the Nurraghe. These stones are several millennials old, they are the privileged witness of the former civilisations that colonised the island. The stones are arranged into a defensive pattern. It shows that already then, wars were ongoing in the Mediterranean Sea.

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