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From all that the world has to offer, Bellavista has chosen the Seychelles: these islands embody a promise that few destinations can keep.

We were captivated by the harmony of these islands: where granite mountains rise proudly above the Indian Ocean, where flora and fauna coexist in a natural ballet, where Seychellois history and culture intertwine with the echoes of ancient legends.

An experience, an immersion, a reconnection. Our collection of luxury villas reflects this promise.

The Seychelles, a journey of a thousand and one exotism

The simple fact of dreaming about it already makes you happy and enthusiastic! It’s the very effect of the Seychelles destination ! It is a whole archipelago to discover, with its islands and islets that offer you a timeless stay. Moreover, each of them has characteristics that make it a unique tourist site. You will surely make landfall on one of the three main islands, Mahé, Praslin and La Digue. But the discovery of the Seychelles still extends beyond your imagination. Go to forgotten islands like Silhouette and Bird Island, where nature is extremely lush and more generous.

But first and foremost, choose your holiday rental in the Seychelles now among our many luxury villas in the region and be sure to fully experience what this enchanting destination has in store for you!

Go for a dream getaway for two

And what if you were planning to spend your next vacation there with your beloved one? In the heart of such pure nature, there is no other idyllic setting to meet, rediscover and rekindle the flame! The setting? Incredibly beautiful beaches, white sand where feet sink gently, majestic coconut trees and a turquoise lagoon. Everything contributes to the relaxation of the senses, to total well-being, and to the awakening of romanticism. For a unique stay, consider making holiday rental in the Seychelles. First quality accommodations await you, for relaxing days and peaceful nights.

And if you just got married, it’s the perfect destination for your honeymoon! It will be easy for you to find romantic places to celebrate and enjoy your union. Also try climbing the Belle Vue mountain and dive into the heart of the fragrant vanilla plantations.

Give way to the natural charm of the place

In the morning, head north from Mahé to Victoria. Meet the peaceable Seychellois, and open all your senses to admire the Sir Selwyn Clarke marketplace. If you’re in a party mood, that’s where the Seychelles casinos and nightclub are. You can also take a boat or a plane to head for the Vallée de Mai and its famous reserve. When you discover the countless varieties of extremely rare palm trees, you will understand why this reserve is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The same goes for the Aldabra Atoll, this exceptional reserve that will illuminate you by the richness and beauty of its nature.

Endless beaches

Rendez-vous on the divine beach of Beau Vallon, or that of Anse Lazio, where eminent granite rocks will amaze you. If you feel like swimming, opt for the Côte d’Or beach and above all, don’t miss the beach at Anse Source d’Argent. You will soon realize that this beach southwest of the Dike is the most beautiful in the world! Facing the Indian Ocean, with your holiday rental in the Seychelles, you may want to stay there…

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