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Réunion Island is the ideal spot for a luxury stay. Our villas, surrounded by palm trees facing the ocean, are waiting for curious travellers to unearth their secrets. Discover this beautiful French territory in the Indian Ocean for a relaxing and unforgettable experience.

Ideal for family trips, our charming villas will allow you to both relax and discover the region. Reunion Island will offer you stunning villas in a contemporary style, while respecting the unique architectural style of the Île de la Réunion. Designed for outdoor living, our villas are ideal for guests to relax outside with a scenic view of the ocean stretching out before them. Reunion Island enjoys a hot climate, so wake up and have breakfast on the beautiful outdoor terrace – the weather is simply perfect! There are more than a thousand reasons you should explore the Indian Ocean. Admire hillside villages steeped in the French colonial past, many of them perched on the cliff edge and in possession of vast sugar cane fields. Reunion is a slice of paradise that will delight your guests. Explore an undiscovered gem of the French overseas territories.

Whether you are with family and friends, our luxurious villas are tranquil oases of peace. Let your children have their own rooms for a peaceful night’s sleep, or a shared room so that they can keep each other company. There are many activities on offer: strolls through the streets of the Mission district of St Denis, or hiking in areas of natural beauty that will bring to the heart of the island. The views are just breath-taking. Take advantage of your holiday on the Réunion island to improve your swing and enjoy the scenic golf courses. The beaches are only a few miles away, so it couldn’t be easier to reach the golden sands and lounge under a clear blue sky. Reunion is the home of surfing. Try your hand at this extreme sport, accompanied by a local guide who knows where the sharks play hide and seek! The fully-equipped kitchens will allow you to easily prepare your favourite Creole dishes just like the maestros! From “concrete barbecue chicken” to the pineapple (ananas in French) Victoria, the culinary delights of Reunion Island are inexhaustible. The cuisine is inspired by the flavours of China, India, Madagascar, Arab countries and obviously France; it conserves the heritage of the past, when sailors from around the world flocked to the island. Don’t leave without drinking a delicious Ti’Punch after your meal!

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