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Architect-designed House

We have selected a set of coolest architectural designed homes around the world for you to rent. While some are passionate about living in smart houses with high-tech gadgets and bling. Others prefer to live in a classy yet minimalistic decor. Our villas of the 50s will provide you with a contemporary decor suitable for high quality holidays.

An architectural home always has a historical value, it represents thinking outside the box & creativity. The originality is often illustrated in details with the floor plans. Unlike the villas which looks strikingly similar in a residential area, some of our villas are designed by well known architects known for their originality & futuristic design. The best example is one of our villas in Crete Cretan villa . It is a modern villa situated in the green space providing you with the right balance between nature and daily life. Imagine yourself living in an ochre coloured residence with ponds, pools and segregated gardens. Our futuristic villa in Alicante, Spain are for those who want a glimpse of the future, find yourself in a suspended pool which seems to plunge in between the trees. belles villas contemporaines à Alicante, en Espagne.

This architecture designed home in Corfu is built on the edge, to give you striking views of the deep blue sea from your 53 square-meter infinity pool. Just feel alive to live between the sky & the sea.
cette villa moderne à Corfou

The experience you have when you live in an architect’s villa is one of a kind, the place where they shared innumerable moments with their friends, hosts and also themselves. It always brings in a sense of excitement and responsibility as they entrust their jewel to us. This offers the ideal setting for an exceptional stay. One of the finest example is our villa in Pinarello with a bright design and an exceptional natural setting. this splendide villa à Pinarello Or our property in Saint Florent where there is a direct access to the pool from the bathroom on the ground floor. propriété à Saint Florent .

The Italian designers & architects gave us the chance to present their house to our clientele. This villa is a Tuscan treasure, a huge property with a convertible roof and unique furniture designed by the owner. The day we found this, it became our first architectural favourite in Italy. villa

Our villas in Thailand have the right balance between authenticity and modernity. Providing you with a traditional yet modern architecture, it successfully gives you an ‘exotic vibe’ with one of a kind furniture and ambiance.
Around the world, originality and colours take the form of perfect holidays.
Bellavista has discoveries everyday and would be glad if you’re a part of its journey!

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