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Gape at the most outstanding villas in which the aesthetic sense will compulsorily not leave you cold!

Architecture can be for some a passion, for others the enchantment of a life experience in a privileged place, to take full view, and satisfy his curiosity for inventiveness and the prowess of technology.

Whether you are fond of architecture or even interior design, whether your dream is to live for a moment in a villa from the 50s, or in a luxurious version of a traditional house in an exotic country, or more simply if you are looking for a contemporary and original house for a high quality holiday, you will find here a selection of our most beautiful architect villas.

An architect’s house adapted for holidays also has historical value, since it assumes a current vision of the space, technologies and pleasures associated with the resort. It is also sometimes the work of a great name or future great name of architectural art. Antinomy of the standardized villa of a residential area, it is unique, by its design but also by the place where it was designed, often ideally located. It is often illustrated by a detail, an originality, an invention. For example, the astonishing fusion between nature and habitat, obtained in this Cretan villa, results in a unique aesthetic, distributing gardens, ponds and swimming pools within an ochre-colored house. It is also a profound astonishment to discover a hanging pool, futuristic, which seems to dive between the trees, offered by one of our most beautiful contemporary villas from Alicante, Spain.

The experience offered by an architect’s villa is singular, and it is therefore always with great excitement that we meet architects who wish to entrust us with their jewel, the place they have designed for themselves, their friends and their hosts. It often offers the ideal setting for an exceptional stay. This is the case of this splendid villa in the South of Corsica which reserves you, in an exceptional natural setting, a refuge with a bright design, or this incredible property in Saint Florent, where you can dive into the pool from the bathroom on the ground floor .

In Italy, renowned designers once left us to discover their treasure of Tuscany, a huge property designed with ingenuity, with an incredible system of sunroofs, and where each piece of furniture is unique, designed by the owner. That day, we had a thought for our very first architectural crush in Italy, a wonderful suspended house on the sea, a charming mix of neat and warm atmospheres, signed furniture and industrial design with clean lines.

All over the world, original and brilliant ideas take shape and color to become perfect places for holidays. Bellavista sets out to discover them, and invites you to be part of the journey!

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