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Should you be more surfing on a board, with a kite, morey boogie, or body surfer, You are certainly already hearing the sound of the waves calling you all year long. Pick the right Ocean, and discover in this section the fantastic beach front villas we have selected, to enjoy surfing at is most.

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This section is dedicated to the beach lovers who not only wait for summers to dip in the warm waters but also plan their surf holidays in advance to experience the waves in the world. For those of you who would like to hop in different surfing spots, we offer villas from the Pacific coast to the sandy beaches of Costa Rica, Portugal, Greece stretching till the Indian Ocean. In order to support the surf culture, enrolling your kids in surf camps will be a good way for them to get rid of their mobile phones and give them a chance to experience the waves of the sea.

The practice of Surfing is the way to enhance your connection with nature and explore its infinite dimension. It is intimately linked to your happiness of experiencing new landscapes with your friends and family. This selection offers wide choices dedicated to sharing your passion, that you will reinvent at each stay with your loved ones.

Cant wait for summers to experience the sea? Our villas in Sri Lanka, Thailand, Bali, Reunion Island, Seychelles and Mauritius are a perfect way for you to enjoy surfing from January- April, making it more enjoyable for the advanced surfers. We create the optimal conditions to combine your sports sessions with an exceptional vacation experience in a serviced villa. Differentiating from surf camps and surf trips, we choose places that guarantee a comfortable and relaxing stay, offering a variety of leisure activities for your pleasures.

Do you have the desire to rediscover France? situated 5000 kilometers of the west coast, this countryside is absolutely perfect for a surf break or beach breaks, as it has a subtle mix of surf culture and French way of living. With a stretch of white sand in Normandy, to the wild waves and offshore winds in Brittany. Headline : Our luxury Villas on the Basque Coast, from Saint Jean de Luz to Hossegor, on the most beautiful stretches in the world. We offer the most suitable villas to reach these spots.

In Portugal, you will also find a wide range of villas ideally located near the surfing spots to enjoy the mild climate, to experience the most peaceful surf beaches to the most reckless ones. The spot of Nazare being amongst them. It has one of the most stable surfing conditions and can be enjoyed by all types of surfers. Our villas in Cascais are located near the shores of Guincho, one of the most popular beaches.

Further in the Cyclades, along the Mediterranean, winds blow on the island of Paros and allow surfers a pleasant session.

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