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Kitesurf in the most amazing destinations of the world, and yet enjoy the priovacy and the comfort of a private villa.

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This section is dedicated to those who want to enjoy kitesurfing right outside their majestic villas. We want you to experience the landscape of the most beautiful spots in the world, starting from the Atlantic coast to the dreamy beaches of Brazil, through Portugal, Greece and the Indian ocean.

Bellavista offers you one of the best amenities to practice your favourite sport, so practice your kiteboard, freestyle and kitesurf sessions with ease. Take advantage of the beachfront villas where you can get optimal rest with various amenities and services after surfing all day.

We could also provide you with a list of Surf schools as per the ranking, ensuring the safety standards of this extreme sport. Most of us want to surf at different destinations every time in order to discover the tides and sea views. Some of our favourite surf spots is the Basque side also known as ‘the queen of surfing spots’ in France, the Cascais in the north-western part of Portugal or for more exotic destinations like Bali or Thailand.

Let the feel of freedom inflate the wings of your kite, surf your way though the Dunes of Pyla. As your villa is surrounded by the umbrella pines you could easily spot it while surfing.

Explore the vibrant colours of the Cascais region ​​. We offer you a dream holiday near the beach of Guincho region. As you sail to the beautiful Paros, you can stay in one of our lovely houses on water. lovely houses on the water

Sail across the coast of Brazil, all the way to the sandy beaches of Ceara and dip your feet in the clear waters of this picturesque sea beach. . This will be a great opportunity for you to discover a unique facet of the Brazilian Nordeste and its sublime coastal landscapes! your need for exoticism will be fulfilled by orienting your sail towards Asia and the Indian Ocean. Destinations like Bali, Thailand, Reunion Island, Seychelles and Mauritius are full of famous sites for kitesurfing. It has splendid villas which provides hotel services, one of them known as the Oasis of dreams Oasis of Dreams . The magic of surfing is to see yourself improve and reward yourself every day when you come back from the beach and relax in the night.

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