Italian Romantism at its best, in Capri properties for rent

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Isle of Capri: Land of Ancient Mysteries

Island of Capri is situated in the Tyrrhenian sea off the Sorrentine Peninsula on the southern side of the bay of Naples. It belongs to the region of Campania, a Metropolitan city of Naples. The main features of the town of Capri includes Marina Piccola, Marina Grande, the grotto Azzurra, the belvedere of Tragera and Faraglioni rocks. Towns like Positano, Amalfi, Ravello, Sorrento surround the isle.

This Isle is a land of Ancient history.

It has been populated by humans since the Roman era. According to the Roman historian Gaius Suetonius Tranquillus, when the villa of Augustus was excavated, weapons made of stone and giant bones were found. These were then displayed in the emperor’s main residence, the gardens of the Sea Palace. Modern excavations has successfully proved that human existed on the Capri Island in the Bronze age.

Capri was built by Emperor Augustus, ranging from temples to gardens and aqueducts which is visited and enjoyed by people from across the world today.

His successor Emperor Tiberius built a set of villas one of which is considered as the finest example of Roman villas in Italy. Villa Jovis built in AD 27, is the largest amongst the twelve villas and has the second highest peak in Capri after Monte Solaro, Anacapri.

Since then Capri has been one of the most visited destinations by both Italians and foreigners. It gained popularity after 1950s & is often visited by the backpackers from Naples and Sorrento, who also make it a point wear the pants named after Capri.

The town has several churches, museums and monuments but the most attractive location is the Grotta Azzura, a cave found in the 19th century by tourists, is of historical importance as one side of grotto is present with the remains of ancient Roman rock while the other has a narrow cavern.

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