Villas rentals for birthday celebration.

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Villas rentals for birthday celebration.

Birthday is that time of the year where you wish to create memories with your loved ones. Surround your near and dear ones in our beautiful houses to celebrate the joyous occasion with a set of unforgettable holidays.

Plan ahead your birthday weekend with your family or friends in any destination you wish for. Our villas around the world could suffice you with the kind of experience you always wanted, however there are some ideal villas that would complete this experience.

Imagine yourself in the idyllic Andalusia region, our villa rental in Marbella is ideal for you to celebrate your birthday party with a class. As you arrive at the airport with your guests, a chauffer will escort you to your limousine dropping you at your villa. Pamper yourself with exclusive wines, cigars in your very own Jacuzzi or pool. Relax in style, our villas are well equipped with up to date modern design, fully equipped kitchen, swimming pool, sauna and cinema room. Golf clubs, casino, night clubs and many other fun activities are near the villa for you to enjoy the Spanish atmosphere. If you have a work emergency, our project rooms in the villa are present to save your day.

If you wish to celebrate with the nature at the countryside, Provence & the South West of France are a must visit for those seeking peace. Our properties are in the heart of the county are surrounded by lavender enriched fields, the Atlantic Ocean or mountains for you to spend time with your family & friends. No matter where you go our star chefs will be there to prepare the exotic dishes or anything which you crave for.

For those who are a fan of creative design and modern silhouettes, destination like Corsica or Costa Blanca are ideal to visit. Celebrate in the sunny weather, our villas are furnished with creativity and comfort. These villas are made by architects who successfully turned their vision into reality. With symmetrical designs and the colors that blends well with nature.

The advantage of selecting a vacation rental is not only the easy booking and facilities but also the activities enjoyed collectively. Our concierge can organize a cruise boat to celebrate your birthday on the waves. The adventure seekers can set out to water skiing near our villas in the Var, located between Saint-Tropez and Cannes. When you travel with a large group of friends, you always tend to laze around in the pool but our villas also offer a set of activities such as ping pong area in Portugal or tennis/badminton courts around lake Como.

For the rainy days playing billiards, foosball or enjoying the fresh tub of popcorn while watching a movie in your very own cinema room. If nothing re-energize yourself with a spa session organized at home. Even if you wish to swim in the rainy season our villa in Tuscany comes with a heated indoor pool, spa & sauna.

For those who enjoy watching the sunset in the amidst blue panorama, our villas in Greece, south of France including Côte d'Azur would be an ideal destination. These villas have a direct access to the sea. It has an ideal setting for those who are travelling with large families or friends. If you do not prefer living together in a big house, a set of cottages are also available for you to maintain your privacy yet enjoy the company of others.

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