Rental in Mykonos : Discovering an island by staying in our villas.

Mykonos, your dream holiday in the heart of the Mediterranean

The attractions of Mykonos are well above all of your dreams of idyllic holidays. Greece also has indeed it’s Saint-Tropez because Mykonos is undoubtedly the most known island of the Cyclades. And it is not a hazard! Once you arrive, gaze simply its blue pure sky that tremendously matches with the white of the buildings around. You will be pleasantly surprised by its unique architecture conveying the charm of the island's accommodation. Open to all breeze, Mykonos is self-sufficient: ne need for luxuriant nature to sublimate its aestheticism. To make the most of this corner of paradise, consider a rental in Mykonos with the help of your Bellavista advisor.

Party time!
If you have decided to spend your holidays in Mykonos, it is not only for it’s sweet life. Its festive side is also undeniable. Indeed, evenings are intense there! Just like in Saint-Tropez and Ibiza, bars and clubs are very “trendy”, especially those situated on the beaches, with no way around “Beach parties” regularly organized. You will be immersed in a euphoric and glamour atmosphere until the wee hours of the morning!

If the place is heavily frequented because of its international notoriety, it is mainly due to its international airport. From Paris, there are direct flights to Mykonos. The Greek and foreign het set, just like in Ibiza. Some large fortunes have a property there to make it their favorite resort and put their property for rent when it is not occupied. On the bays of Ornos and Agios Loannis, villas are the most exclusive, as are the concierge services.

Enjoy a dream touristic stay
Discover firstly the beauty of Mykonos. In the morning, appreciate the calm that marvelously reigns in the island. Explore Chora’s alleys, the capital which is a pearl of an exceptional beauty.
Its spotless Parapotiani church and its 5 museums have all what it takes to seduce you! Excursions by boat will lead you to Naxos, the ideal place for your water activities. Bathing, hiking, discovering nature, scuba diving: everything is possible there. And, do not forget to visit Paros, an international destination known for its incredibly translucent marble. You also chose to spend a part of your stay there because the villas are also very exceptional there. Feel free to submit all your wishes whether for a rental in Mykonos or for another of these nearby islands like Paros.

Also enjoy the wonderful beaches of Mykonos such as Agrari Beach and Agios Ioannis.

Do not miss Paradise and Super Paradise; take a boat from Plati Gialos.
If you go there with your family, happiness and conviviality are sure to be present! The simple stroll by the sea is an absolute delight. But do not forget to enjoy your rental in Mykonos. From your patio you will also admire magnificent sunsets that drown into the crystal waters of the Aegean Sea.

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