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This section is dedicated to those who love exploring the city and its culture. Bellavista offers a wide range of city rentals for you to feel at home in cities you select to stay. Our holiday homes are situated in the center for you to experience the vibe of the city as you set to relax in your swimming pool after a hectic day. Our apartments in most European cities such as Paris, Rome, Milan, Florence, Cannes or Venice are well equipped with the latest amenities, ensuring you get enough rest for the next day.

The holiday season is coming up! explore your options before its too late. We highly recommend you to stay for a week in order for you to be a part of the local experience and festivals.

Paris being the most visited city in the world, is also known as the city of ‘Love’. It has countless museums and historical monuments. This city offers you a variety of cultural activities, they say ‘you always have something or the other going on in Paris’. It is one of the most vibrant cities. So pack up that suitcase with your better half and come to live the experience. Our holiday rentals in Paris are situated right in the cultural hub, giving you the views of the Eiffel tower as you wake up every morning to drink your ‘café’ with a croissant.

The city of Cannes is not only well known for their film festivals or for towers and skyscrapers but is a paradise for the beach lovers. Our apartments are located at a walking distance from the sea, just 1.5km away from the Mediterranean. Explore the luxury boutiques of the Croisette near the apartment, because no holiday is complete without a tinge of shopping!

Another European country that is full of great and beautiful cities is the evergreen Italy. Known for its sun, its local specialties to enjoy at any time of the day or its lifestyle, relish the art of doing nothing! Start your visit by exploring to the historic city of Rome followed by Milan and ending it with the romantic city of Venice. For those who like to live countryside, our villas in Tuscany gives a chance to experience the vintage life of Tuscany.

Do you want to take a break from your daily life? family holidays are a great way to gather all your relatives together to visit a new destination and create unforgettable memories. Let our concierge plan your days of visits and end your day with a delicious dinner prepared by our Michelin star chef in your apartment.

Whether you plan a romantic getaway with your loved one or want to spend quality moments with your family in the heart of the city. We assure you there will only be memories to remember. Our destination specialist will book cities perfect for your taste and your likings. So start your journey because with us, options are limitless.

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