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Versailles Venues Shine as Spectacular Hosts for Olympics and Paralympics 2024

Discover the program of the Olympics venue In Versailles, and where to stay in Style in a private property or Villa.

Bordeaux’s Olympic Venues: A Sporting Extravaganza in 2024

The Bordeaux region is poised to be the epicenter of athletic prowess and international camaraderie as it hosts a multitude of Olympic events in 2024. The city’s rich cultural heritage, stunning landscapes, and world-renowned vineyards are set to provide the perfect backdrop for the world’s most elite athletes. Let’s explore the Olympic venues in the […]

Where to Stay in Nice during the Olympics

Olympic and Paralympic Venues in Nice: A Grand Stage for Sporting Excellence

The Off Festive program during the Olympics

Approximately twenty locations in Paris will offer the public a free and grand Olympic celebration during the summer of 2024. Details about where, when, and how you can join in are provided below.

Our Guide for top luxury villas and apartments rentals to enjoy best the opening Ceremony the Paris Olympics 2024

Enjoy a spectacular view while in paris during the Olympics, credit florian hulleu Photograph

5 reasons to fall in love with Amalfi

1.Visit the historic town of Sorrento   This town is present in the northern part of the Amalfi coast, popular for its structured buildings and coastal walks while drinking “Limoncello di Sorrento”!  Some of the most visited spots are Cathedral of Sorrento, built in the 11th century known for its charismatic structure and Correale museum, Museo […]

Top 7 places to visit in Capri

1. Admire nature’s work of art – Faraglioni rocks   One of the most distinguishing spots in Capri. Faraglioni is a composition of 3 rocks which naturally emerged from the sea mysteriously, these rocks even have a name! Stella is the rock which is attached to the land, Faraglioni di mezzo is the one with the hole […]

Top 7 nightspots in Amalfi Coast

Amalfi is the perfect holiday recipe, it is not only known for its sensational views from the coast or mouth watering delicacies but also has a vibrant nightlife.     This list is a mixture of both casual and sophisticated night outs for you to experience the best of both worlds!    1.Music on the Rocks  […]

The Italian Ice Cream

No wonder Italian Ice cream makers enjoy such an incredible reputation around their Gelato

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