Romantic Holidays

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Romantic Holidays

“Sometimes the heart sees, what’s invisible to the eye” - H. Jackson Brown Junior

It’s a special feeling to finally find someone who wants to be with you even after seeing your crazy, vulnerable side & yet say ‘I do’. After innumerable marriage rituals, the time has finally arrived for you to start a new life with your partner. Keeping this in mind we offer some of the most exotic destinations, all set for you to celebrate this beginning and experience the magic of love. Whether you wish to stay in a private villa inside a luxury resort or plan for a romantic getaway in the greek islands or the Indian ocean. Bellavista has got you covered for this luxury holiday.

Start your journey in Venice, one of the most popular romantic holiday destinations. Its a city for those who love to visit historical sites and later ignite their romance on the ‘gondola’. For the couples who love to travel to exotic destinations and do not mind spending time commuting on the plane, our villas in Fidji are perfect for you to enjoy the clear waters and get some of the adventure activities ticked off your list. If you love sandy beaches and are planning for a city break, our cocoons in Mauritius or Saint-Barthelemy would suffice you with the honeymoon experience, pampering you with a resort spa you need after those crazy functions. Some of our villas present in St Lucia are exclusively available on request.

If you’re bored with the very idea of traditional holiday destinations and wish for a beach holiday, our Balinese villas welcome you to experience special moments. The exoticism of this destination makes it a heavenly paradise for lovers. Imagine yourself being in front of your private beach having the most scenic views, as you watch the sunset hand in hand with your other half. Relax yourself with a private spa treatment or explore the flaura & fauna in the national park of Bali.

Our villas are also located in the Necker island, a private island situated on the Caribbean Sea. They are well equipped with all the latest amenities making it a perfect location to enjoy exclusivity in a couple’s holiday.

As you scroll down our website in search of romantic destinations, you would also discover some unique villas which are perfect for your honeymoon. Our on site consultants will be ready with the villas as per your preferences.

Our concierge department can plan everything ranging from an in house meal, candle light dinners, deliver exotic flowers and even fireworks from your balcony. No matter what you select, we assure to give you unforgettable moments with your better half. Feel free to contact us if you want to plan something special for your loved one. We been planning holidays for our guests since 1989, It will be our honour to plan yours this time.

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