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Party destinations

Every year you are in search for an ideal destination to experience adventure, sports, couples or family holidays. This season take a break from traditional pattern and get that party started. Head out to to experience the nightlife & the coolest party scenes of Europe.

Our villas in the party cities are located near the city center for you to enjoy the festivities throughout your stay. Places like Mykonos, Saint Tropez, Ibiza (Spain) are evergreen for the for their beach parties and live music. These are the cities that never sleeps, thousands of people around the world visit the bars during the day until they dance their way to the night. Our villas in Cascais in Portugal & Porto cervo in Sardinia are for those of you who like to explore dance clubs and pool parties in the hot sandy beaches.

‘Festas do Mar’ is a traditional festival celebrated at Cascais every year in the month of August. The 10day festival is full of concerts, fireworks and fishing boats. Get high on life, instead of going to the clubs discover the cultural parties of the city. For those who love wild parties near the water, the chic & trendy clubs in Porto Cervo are not to be missed. Its located in Sardinia, beauty which beholds the Mediterranean Sea. Imagine yourself sipping a cocktail as you get yourself out of water, and the rays of the sun caress your wet skin. If nothing simply groove to your own tunes, from your swimming pool on the terrace in Saint Tropez.

For the youngsters who love exotic parties and music festivals, must experience the full moon party in Thailand or the spring break in the United States. As some of you prefer being near home, Mykonos is perfect for you to enjoy the parties on white sandy beaches. Our villas are located above the old port of Mykonos giving you a choice to enter & leave whenever you wish.

Are you bored of partying in summers? start partying when the temperature falls. Experience the festivities in Courchevel, a paradise for skiers who love to take sunbath on the terraces of bar on the slopes. For those who like to stay cozy, knock yourself out at the trendy parties of the nightclub in Courchevel.

Sun or snow, trendy or traditional, let us help you select your next festive destination because lets not forget that life is a party.

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