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Nature seeker - Escapade

"Just Living is not enough, one must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower" - Hans Christian Anderson.
Inspired by his thoughts our properties are carefully selected in order to give the best nature seeking experience.

These classic villas situated far away from the cities, giving you a chance to escape in the woods or simply to sit back and relax as you enjoy the picturesque views from the balcony of this beautiful countryside architecture. The villas present in the region of Luberon consists of Gassin, Grimaud, La Garde-Freinet are surrounded by olive trees, lavender fields and exceptional vineyards soothing your eyes with the colours of beauty to make wonderful memories with. Take a mini vacation with your family on the outskirts of Paris enjoying the peace and tranquillity from the daily hustle & bustle.

The Scandola National park, Corsica where our waterfront villa in Argentella is present in the very heart of the reserve is an opportunity for your quiet time with nature and exploring its mysteries. Our villas present in the sunny island of Skopelos, Sporades gives you an experience of a real observatory between land and sea. Whether you plan your evenings in the wild beach or simply take a breath of fresh air in the beautiful tree park near You. Don't forget to enjoy the striking sea facing view from our Villa.

Relive Your childhood memories at our "Fincas" in Andalucia, a set of renovated villas surrounded by lush green landscapes and eye-gazing flora & fauna while immersing yourself in the gypsy art form and its diverse geography.

For the exotic travellers who reside in our Balinese houses in the forest or the Plains of the Reunion Island will be able to explore the blue waters and the verdant habitat. The villas in this region are specially dedicated to the dreamy spirits who seek nature.
Bellavista which was started about thirty years ago got its name from a part present in Italy identifies perfectly with nature and the sustainability of "Agriturismo" which is present in the villas of Trulli, Puglia. This being blended with the flora of Apulia, a destination rich with its natural resources such as crystalline waters, coves of rocks and olive groves. While Tuscany is a treasure of Open landscapes, rural lifestyle and natural wealth. Chianti is famous amongst the wine lovers and Valley.

The magical moments come in life when one feels happy about enjoying simple pleasures, whether it's a picnic with your family or taking a walk on the beach by yourself. At BELLAVISTA opportunities are endless. So take a break from your urban lives and give nature a chance to seek you.

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