Family holiday rentals

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Family holiday rentals

“We do not remember days, we remember moments” - Cesare Pavese

Make wonderful memories with your family this gleeful season with any of our villas present around the world. Whether you want to make a snowman under the great smoky mountains of Courchevel or enjoy the blue waters by the pool in Costa Rica. Bellavista has got it covered for you. To make sure your vacation is a successful one our services would ensure that you are focused on making blissful memories. Along with the standard services such as cleaning & laundry, a private concierge would be at your disposal to plan out your stay.

Our properties in Menorca, Paros, Lucca, Costa Smeralda are specially enlisted for you to enjoy outdoor activities ranging from water sports by the sea to amusement parks as a part of the family thrill. All of these under the comforts of your very own vacation home where a family cook or star chef is appointed to take care of your cravings while you are away.

We are happy to bring all your loved ones under the same roof, in order to find the exclusive time and reconnect with yourself and others.

To ensure that you have don’t miss out time with your little ones our villas have end number of activities to make picture perfect memories. Our in built home theatres with a special DVD collection for children, mini golf, indoor climbing gym. We even have a dormitory which can accommodate up to 23.

Surprise your little one with fun filled activities on his birthday!
Take a trip to the farm in the morning or circus in the afternoon but make sure you end the day with the fireworks, not to miss out his expression as he looks up to the sky with shimmer in his eyes.

For sportier activities you can even enjoy kayaking, volleyball, mountain biking, trekking and access the five green golf course.
Finally, after all these hard core activities end your day with a spa session.

Don’t forget to bring grandpa in the picture! We are here to take care of his special requests. We would suggest villas catering to his special needs.

We only want you to have a collection of family souvenir. It will be our pleasure to see families grow as the years pass by and see the little ones gradually taking the turn to select a villa and continue this tradition.

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