Cultural holidays

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Cultural holidays

“Share our similarities, celebrate our differences” - M. Scott Peck

One of the rejoicing moments in international travel is learning the different cultures through their historic sites and cultural values in the country. The other side of the world is yet to be explored. Bellavista has its villas located in the very cultural destinations for you to live the experience. Italy & France are the main cultural spots.

Italy being one of the mesmerizing countries is not only opulent with its iconic landscape and beaches but also with historic places. Since it’s the country where Roman Empire & Renaissance took birth, it is abundant in masterpieces of art and architecture. No wonder it has more UNESCO World Heritage sites than any other country in the world. Not to forget it has inherited lakes, mountains and a dramatic coastline that attracts millions across the globe. The cultural festivals take place throughout the year, so you’ll have something new to experience every time you visit.

Inspire yourself in the historic rentals present in Rome, Venice and around Florence endowed with indo-contemporary decor giving you the space to enjoy the sun or take a dip in the pool after visiting the historical sites.

If Italy is a land of artefacts and architectural sites, France is the land of artists, philosophers and believers. From painters like Claude Monet to revolutionists such as Coco Chanel, who changed the women’s outlook in the society. Not to forget Napoleon Bonaparte and Nicolas Flamel, a famous French scribe who was the inspiration behind Harry Potter’s philosopher stone. It is also exuberant in terms of distinguishing museums and cathedrals. In fact, Paris itself has 130 museums!

Our French homes ranges from castles and villas all over France. As you feel royal in the colonial architecture while facing the French gardens or could even enjoy the chic Parisian apartments facing the Eiffel tower & Champs Elysées. Do make sure that you indulge yourself with a croissant or a pain au chocolat while you wearing the 'little black dress'.

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