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Gourmet stay

For most of us, holidays are also an opportunity to explore the culinary traditions of the country. The art of gastronomy is an integral part of the travel experience and intrinsic heritage. Our villas for this theme are situated in the regions which ensure these values.

France has been classified as a UNESCO world heritage for the art of its gastronomy, Italy for the excellence of its products & Asia for its combination of its refined dishes. All countries have made their gastronomy a major asset for international travelers.

The experience starts with the local market, where our staff will select fresh ingredients and can walk you through the whole process. A traditional culinary session shall be organized in the kitchen with our Michelin star chef, informing you about the culture and benefits of preparing the dish, this experience is incomplete without your participation. If it interests you further, we would be happy to organize a cookery class for you in the comforts of your villa.

You get a chance to make your own pasta in Italy, taste the Truffes du Périgord in Lascaux, prepare a paella del mar in Formentera, press olive oil in Crete, taste the authentic Pastel de Natal, visit the Armagnac cellars in the Gers, take up oenology on the Chianti wine route…the list is endless but we will be delighted to a part of your culinary journey, enrich you with unforgettable experiences.

We would also like you to know that our services have been more inclined to aspirational chefs around the world. Some of our villas are ideally suitable for them to rent and practice on site regional dishes. These gastronomical affairs between the owners and the tenants is regular occasion which puts in the resonant flavors, know-how, and authentic moments of sharing.

No table can replace the sharing of a simple meal with a bond of love and friendship, Hence Bellavista will never let you to choose between the two.

Get in touch with us to help you find the best setting for this gastronomic experience, offered in different parts of the world.

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