Alpine and Ski holidays

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Alpine and Ski holidays

“Summer bodies are made in Winter” - Anonymous

Our company gives you the opportunity to plan your very own winter adventure. This section of our luxury ski chalets are specially dedicated to ski enthusiasts & families to recreate Christmas memories with their loved ones. The holiday homes are situated in the heart of the mountains providing breath taking white views and nearby family friendly ski areas for you to enjoy this sport together.
It is a chance for you to pass on the ski tradition and values you were imbibed as a kid.

In fact, our chalets in Courchevel are perfect for you to practice and enjoy ski, as its famous for International Ski championships such as Ski World cup for men or women held every year. As you enrol the young one in the ski school, they get to be a part in the Drago show. Its a special ski tradition, where kids enjoy a day of fun filled activities and end it with skiing down the slope with the instructor as they light a torch at night.

Another International event of Courchevel is the festival of Pyrotechnic art, which is a battle between the companies to display a series of fireworks and over 8000 people have visited to experience this.

Whether you are 16 or 60 there are always some destinations that are meant to be visited with your loved ones. Keeping this romantic gesture in mind we offer chalets in Verbier, St Moritz in Switzerland as the ultimate location for a perfect getaway with ‘the one’. As you or your partner ski yourself out, you deserve to treat yourself with mouth watering & exquisite delicacies. So knock your taste buds out during the Moritz gourmet festival that commences at the beginning of the year. The guest chefs around the world would be there enlighten your taste buds.

Our chalets ranging from Val d'Isère to St Anton is a symbol of perfect luxury. Surrounded by snow all around it is an ideal place to enjoy that wine you saved all this time. Savour it you lay outside, in the hot tub blissed with the panoramic views.

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