Our selection of villas on the hills of Taormina.

Welcome in the Sicilian St Tropez, this little town is situated close to the effervescent Etna and the marine rocks diving into the sea. The former Ancient Greek of Tauromenion awaits for curious travellers and amateurs of off-the-beaten track sceneries to discover its secrets. Embark on a wonderful adventure in a luxury coastal retreat brimming with gastronomy, culture and architecture.

The hills of Taormina are the perfect place for a high-end journey. Bellavista is offering you a large panel of inspirations for your picturesque escape in the north of the island. Make the most of the calm and the tranquillity of the places where our homes are located, at a ten minutes ride from urban enthusiasm. You will be able to show your pride of having a luxurious villa on the cliffs. Our homes our true masterpieces composed of great terraces and swimming pool by the sea.

Fabulous for a family stay, the hills will allow you to have a pleasant time and have closer bounds. You will be able to see the properties from the rocs make of frozen lava from the Etna. Activities are very varied, families and group of friends will be pleased in hiking around the volcano. When meal time has come, take the time to have a picnic on an idyllic point of view, maybe you will enjoy more a time on the waves of the Mediterranean Sea. Rent a boat and go for a nautical escape all the way to Naxos, you will have a scenic view of your property from the sea!

Our villas are like the Sicilian views, unforgettable. Have a rest in a cosy and modern bath, you need to enjoy the times that goes by. Have a toast to your Italian journey with a dynamic and volcanic wine. Our rooms are very bright, this will give you a unique feeling of serenity and delight. Finish the day with our fully-equipped kitchens and cook your favourite Italian plates. In Taormina, the Piazza IX Aprile is diving into an underneath creek, the scenic views are everywhere on this little spot. This place embodies your whole stay in Sicily, sweet, sunny and serene.

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