COVID-19 Informations

Together, let us be attentive and constructive to overcome the difficulties and unknowns encountered during this unprecedented pandemic.

Whether it is a stay in a villa in France or abroad, we provide you with answers to four of the main questions we are asked.

Leaving is still possible, airlines continue to offer flights.

1 / Access conditions to your destination

In these times when travel conditions are uncertain and change regularly, it is recommended that you frequently check the government’s website ‘France Diplomatie‘ to take note of the latest recommendations on the destination you are going to stay.


In particular, check if the country where you will be staying asks you to have a negative PCR test of less than 72 hours, if there is a period of seventeenth or fourteen to respect on site (same for your return home), if you are required to have insurance covering you against covid during your vacation. In fact, more and more countries are asking you to carry a travel insurance certificate mentioning “covid” to enter their territory, proving that you are covered in the event of a problem on site.

Regarding repatriation insurance, this is an extension of risk coverage. Our partner ADAR offers this type of insurance for stays all over the world. Some Credit Cards also offer this coverage. You should check your coverage terms.

As of October 2020, here is the list of the countries concerned (this may change, we invite you to look on the “France Diplomatie” site.):

Africa: Algeria, Egypt, Seychelles, Tunisia
Asia / Eastern Europe: Ukraine, Russia
America: Aruba (Antilles Islands), Brazil, Costa Rica (the most demanding insurance, French insurers do not meet the prerogatives in particular for accommodation in case of quarantine – a Costa Rican national insurance may be taken out), Cuba, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Saint Martin, Turks and Caicos Islands
Asia: Saudi Arabia, Cambodia, China, United Arab Emirates, Israel, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Thailand (100,000 € fee cover requirement)
Oceania: French Polynesia

2 / Booking conditions

Particularly this year, we are negotiating stays on a case-by-case basis, whether it’s the amount of the down payment to be paid, the establishment of a payment schedule, or the date of payment of the balance.

3 / Cancellation conditions

As part of a villa rental in general, we systematically offer a cancellation insurance. Please note that this insurance does not cover cancellations that may occur due to travel restrictions related to COVID, whether it is for border closures or travel restrictions imposed making it impossible to complete the stay.

Two cases occurred during the 2020 season:

– stays could not take place because of border closures or travel restrictions.
To our clients we have offered a postponement within 18 months of their initial departure.

– stays could take place, but clients preferred not to go to the destination of their booked holidays.
If the reason was personal, especially for concerns that we could fully understand, our customers were not able to invoke their cancellation insurance.

Nevertheless, we have consistently made the best effort to re-lease the property in the event of a contract cancellation, to keep our promise to be present from the beginning to the end, both to our clients and to our owners.

For the moment, the public authorities have not yet agreed on a common European policy to be followed in terms of cancellation of stay.

It remains essential to have an exchange on a case-by-case basis to agree on the booking and cancellation conditions with which you would feel comfortable.

4 / Special hygiene measures

The teams are reinforced to clean the properties according to the required standards.
The hours of check-in and check-out at the villas can be extended, sometimes even full days can be granted between two rentals.

Finally, do not forget, even on holidays, to wear a mask as much as necessary, and to respect the barrier measures.


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