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Enjoy surfing through our website, by selecting a vacation Idea. It is fun to gather in one and only click the list of properties with a strong Architectural "Parti pris" or the properties dedicated to sports holidays.

Don't Forget that the powerfull search bar on the right menu enables you to filter and sort your results by vacation ideas.

  • Sunny winter destinations

    Sunny winter destinations

    Want to be inspired wherer to fly in december or february away from the coldy European climate. For those who would rather enjoy the beaches or simply sunny afternoons, here enclosed here is a selection of places to visit and villas to enjoy.
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  • Party destinations

    Party destinations

    Be in every place-to-be, attend to the parties straight on the beach, don’t miss any open sky nightclubs, or even the best restaurants, have fun and then relax in our fabulous villas.
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  • Surfing destination

    Surfing destination

    Should you be more surfing on a board, with a kite, morey boogie, or body surfer, You are certainly already hearing the sound of the waves calling you all year long. Pick the right Ocean, and discover in this section the fantastic beach front villas we have selected, to enjoy surfing at is most.
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  • Architect-designed House

    Architect-designed House

    Gape at the most outstanding villas in which the aesthetic sense will compulsorily not leave you cold!
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  • Couple Villas

    Couple Villas

    Some villas are real treasures for privacy and intimacy for honeymooners, future couples, or even just having love moments for events such as Valentine's day. Find here the villas that meet your expectations.
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  • Seaside rentals

    Seaside rentals

    Refill your batteries! With the iodine,the spray and the sun benefits. From the coastline, let yourself be rocked by the waves and fancy about broad reach in one of the most stunning villas.
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  • Adventure Holidays

    Adventure Holidays

    Should you feel like having dynamic holidays, take look a this dedicated section of our selections of properties where nature offers amazing adventurous experiences.
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  • Golf holidays

    Golf holidays

    Sportive stays is the solution to make up for all year long lost time by electing the most tonic destinations.
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  • Sea Front villa rentals

    Sea Front villa rentals

    These villas will enable you to be rocked by the lappingon the seashore at night, begin the day bathing and remaining within sea for your whole stay.
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  • Kitesurf holidays

    Kitesurf holidays

    Kitesurf in the most amazing destinations of the world, and yet enjoy the priovacy and the comfort of a private villa.
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  • Villas rentals for birthday celebration.

    Villas rentals for birthday celebration.

    Enjoy a private villa rental for specific occasions, and gather all your beloved ones to celebrate in full privacy, with style and service.
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  • Family holiday rentals

    Family holiday rentals

    Select among our city and country villas or apartments where our clients use to spend unforgettable vacations with their all ages family.
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  • Villas rentals for wedding venues

    Villas rentals for wedding venues

    Unveil numerous villas proposed for exceptional experiences : memorable events, unique weddings, successful commercial exhibitions, magic birthdays
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  • Gourmet stay

    Gourmet stay

    Explore a destination known for its culinary tradition
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  • Nature seeker - Escapade

    Nature seeker - Escapade

    Find out our selection of finest retreats houses remote from everything, it will be a heaven on earth for those who are fans of being in the middle of nowhere in huge open areas.
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  • Wellness stay in a private villa rentals

    Wellness stay in a private villa rentals

    Learn the art of letting go, release the negative energy in your life. Find the ideal villas to focus on yourself, this time let it be about you. Find the ideal villa to forget about everything and focus on the self.
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  • Countryside villa rentals

    Countryside villa rentals

    Experience the local life, away from the hustling city. the sound of the rustling leaves , far away from the turmoil, go back to the primar happiness of being altogether.

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  • City break in a private rental

    City break in a private rental

    Lodging more than three days in a hotel is certainly not the most convenient solution, you will prefer to stay in a comfortable flat and feel all the authenticity of a city centre.
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  • Villas in Resort

    Villas in Resort

    For those who crave for Privacy, but would also like to have the feel of an hotel, and of course,the services and concierge presence accordingly
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  • Ski-in Ski-out chalet rentals

    Ski-in Ski-out chalet rentals

    What a pleasure to leave your chalet skis on foot and go down the snow tracks straight back to the chalet without having to bear it on your snowy shoulders. One click will be enough to lead you to all these remarkable chalets.
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  • Cultural holidays

    Cultural holidays

    When vacations are synonymous of reviving History, deepening Culture, broadening Discovery. Here is a glimpse at perfectly located estates to fulfil your appetite for novelties.
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  • Alpine and Ski holidays

    Alpine and Ski holidays

    Take a deep breath from the altitude! Shelter in our range of mesmerizing chalets, gather around a raclette or warm up under a blanket by the fireplace..
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  • Extraordinary villas and chalets

    Extraordinary villas and chalets

    For your satisfaction, and for those who only target the utmost : enter a world of exception, the most luxury villas in all the countries we represent
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  • Car free holidays

    Car free holidays

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